Comic Book Noise 414: Defending The Finches

Host Derek Coward talks about defending David and Meredith Finch and their run on Wonder Woman.

Comic Book Noise 413: DC Cancelations

Host Derek Coward talks about some upcoming cancelations of DC titles and answers whether or not he got Karnak.

Comic Book Noise 412: Project Black Sky, Inhuman, and Karnak

Host Derek Coward corrects a mistake from the last episode about Project Black Sky, remembers the issue of Inhuman he wanted to talk about, and brings people up to speed on his Facebook game.

Comic Book Noise 411: Avengers Alliance, The Invaders, and Project Black Skies

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the latest changes to the Avengers Alliance game, a few comic books he read, and the loss of his dog.

Comic Book Noise 410: Secret Origins of The DC Super Heroes

Host Derek Coward returns to set the record straight on his Krypton episode, talks about a book of secret origins, talks about mid season finales, and delves into the minds of TV network executives.

Comic Book Noise 409: Midseason Finale of The Flash and My Favorite Superhero

Host Derek Coward very briefly talks about the midseason finale of The Flash, the real purpose of Krypton and The Waynes, and talks about his favorite superhero.

Comic Book Noise 408: Aquaman 36 and Fantastic Four 13

Host Derek Coward apologizes for the sound of a recent episode, then talks about Aquaman 36 and Fantastic Four 13.

Mike Colter

FIXED AUDIO for Comic Book Noise 405: Constantine and Castings

I tried something new. It didn’t work. I won’t be trying it again. Here are the original shownotes: Host Derek Coward returns with a not usual Saturday show where he talks about the latest episode of Constantine and some casting news for Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, and Doctor Strange.

wonder woman 36

Comic Book Noise 407: Avengers Academy and the new Wonder Woman

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the Avengers vs X-men issues of Avengers Academy, as well as the first issue of Wonder Woman with the new creative team.

the fifth beatle

Comic Book Noise 406: Avengers Academy/The Runaways crossover and The Fifth Beatle

Host Derek Coward talks about the Avengers Academy two part story where they meet The Runaways, then talks about The Fifth Beatle from Dark Horse Comics.