Welcome to Comic Book Noise

Welcome to Comic Book Noise. This site is a blog, but it is also going to (hopefully) be like shownotes on steroids. It will be the show notes for a podcast called Deliberate Noise Special Editions (www.deliberatenoise.com). Deliberate Noise is a weekly music podcast featuring independent and podsafe music. Originally there were going to be different types of Deliberate Noise (the music show, Comic Book Noise, Video Games Noise, Movie Noise, Music Noise, DVD Releases Noise and TV Noise).

However, I decided to just go with the music show and call everything else a Special Edition (for example, Deliberate Noise Comic Book Edition). At the same time I split the RSS Feeds so that there was the Deliberate Noise feed and the Deliberate Noise Special Editions feed. These will stay the way they are. I have decided to rename the Deliberate Noise Comic Book editions and call it the original name-Comic Book Noise.

I have picked the domain name and pretty soon I will have the podcast show notes pointing to this site.

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