Comic Book Noise No. 10 is now online

Welcome to Comic Book Noise No. 10 featuring a look at House of M, the ‘Celluloid and Ink’ blog, ‘Most People Are DJs’ podcast, a website specializing in the old DC series ‘Thriller’ and Arrow Comics’ ‘Spank The Monkey: On The Comic Market’. 37 minutes.
Here is a link to the direct download for the podcast: Download Link

The Thriller website
Most People Are DJs podcast
If you want to buy Spank The Monkey: On The Comic Market Arrow Comics
Celluloid and Ink blog

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One thought on “Comic Book Noise No. 10 is now online”

  1. Derek,

    Totally agree with you on Thriller. It was one of the best books going, and then it just stopped… I’ll check out the Thriller page you linked to and see what they have to say.

    I caught on to your show with #9 and have enjoyed both episodes so far. I’m looking forward to the “Steranko” episode. He’s a grouch sometimes (like the time he just about bit my head off for asking when the next volume of the History of Comics was coming out! Sheesh! how was I to know it was a sore spot?), and other times he’s just a big fanboy (like the con where I got talking to the guy standing in the autograph line about something and we suddenly realized that Jim had joined into our discussion!). Those early SHIELD comics are amazing as are some of the short horror stories he was doing at the same time…

    Don’t be too upset at the kid in the comics shop, in a suit you probably looked like a lawyer! That’s enough to scare anyone!

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