Comic Book Noise No. 11 is now online

Welcome to Comic Book Noise No. 11 featuring a discussion on evaluating comic book worth, Jonah Hex #1 and the Random Comic Review of Superman 42. 38 minutes.

Here is a link to the direct download for the podcast:
Download Link
Here is a low-fi edition of the show (if it works and sounds better, let me know I may use this instead from now on because it is a smaller file size): Download Link

DC Comics
Bruce Rosenberger’s Komicskast (also home of the Comics Crossover Podcast)
Inflation Calculator [btw: I was way off on my calculation on .75 in 1990, sorry about that]

The episode’s Random Comic Review:
Superman 42Back Cover featuring Fabio

Clarification: The next Random Comic Review was published in the US by Eclipse Comics.

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