Comic Book Noise No. 12 is online

Welcome to Comic Book Noise No. 12 featuring a discussion on ten things that I miss about comics. 18 minutes.
Here is a link to the direct download for the podcast:
Download Link
Comic Book Noise was also mentioned on the Adventures of a Gay Geek blog and there is an excellent synopsis on the short history of Milestone Media:

Since I mentioned my podcast “rig” a couple of times, I thought I’d let you see what it looks like:
My Podcast Rig
A Closeup of my Microphone

BTW: The number one thing that I miss has a very large (to me) omission. This is by design. Stay tuned.

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One thought on “Comic Book Noise No. 12 is online”

  1. And, thanks for the link back to my entry. I really enjoyed your show on Milestone and have been making my way through your other shows. You have a great podcast here and a new fan! I’ve added your show to my “geek podcasts” links on my site!

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