Comic Book Noise No. 14 is now online

Welcome to Comic Book Noise No. 14 featuring a discussion on five characters that I used to like but now can’t stand and the Random Comic Review of Legend of Kamui No. 13. 25 minutes. / 5 MB
Here is a link to the direct download for the podcast:
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Legend of Kamui No. 13

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise No. 14 is now online”

  1. That was cruel Derek! Now you’ve got me thinking about digging down through all the crap that’s been piled on top of my long boxes in the basement, and trying to find my copies of Thriller. But you’re right, darn it! It was a REALLY good comic (and not a bad video either, but that’s a whole other story…). If only I could afford those comic book drawers that the evil Bryan Deemer (just kidding Bry!) always talks about…
    And Chris (CCL) doesn’t strike me as the type to hold a grudge (for too long ;-). Now Mikel O.D. on the other hand… 😉
    Wish I lived close enough to Detroit so I could hang with you guys.
    Looking forward to episode 15.

  2. I’d love to get some of those boxes also because each time a new Random Comic is selected, it seems to be on the bottom row.

    I’m looking forward to the next review. I was so extremely geeky in high school that I actually named my shoes. I had a pair of hightop Nikes named Thriller and Coyote and a pair of steeltoed boots named Spellbound (after the Marvel limited series) and Breathless (after a song I liked at the time). Most people thought that I was a huge Michael Jackson fan. When I explained why the shoe was really named Thriller, I used to get the strangest looks.

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