Comic Book Noise No. 15 is now online

Welcome to Comic Book Noise No. 15 featuring a discussion on five titles I’ve never read for some reason and five I wish would make a comeback. 16 minutes. / 4 MB

Here is a link to the direct download for the podcast: Download Link

There are all kinds of news reports that Maze Agency returned in November, but there is absolutely NO information on the IDW website. That sucks.

A Yahoo group for Cerebus.

The official Strangers In Paradise website.

The Seqart page on Miracleman.

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One thought on “Comic Book Noise No. 15 is now online”

  1. I loved Cerebus, back in the day. After issue 100 I stopped buying seperate issues because the “phone books” appealed to me as easier to store. But the truth is, I never got much past issue #50 in reading them. They seemed to change from a fun satire into, well, not sure what, maybe a more sophisticated satire? Don’t missunderstand, it’s not that I dislike that necessarily, it’s just that I liked the unsophisticated satire better!

    Airboy, yeah… Makes you want to go out and find the old issues of Airboy from the 40’s and 50’s. They’re actually quite good for their time too!

    Death of Groo – well, there it is on my bookshelf, darned if I can remember reading it though!

    I’ll have to look into some of those others one day, but first I’ve got to get out from under this pile of long boxes in the basement that fell on me while I was trying to find my copies of “Thriller.” Oh the agoneeeeeeee!

    Happy Holidays!


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