Comic Book Noise No. 30 is now online

Comic Book Noise 30 featuring a Random Comic Review of Swamp Thing No. 82 is now online. If you like it and want to give me a vote on Podcast Alley, it has to be done under the name “Deliberate Noise Special Editions.

The direct download link for the podcast is Download Link

Here is the cover that I mentioned:
Swamp Thing 82 cover

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3 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise No. 30 is now online”

  1. Love the detailed review of this book. I am going to have to try and dig this one out of my collection and re-read it. There was a Garth Ennis and Kilian Plunkett Unknown Soldier story that came out several years ago that I really enjoyed. If I remember correctly it took place in present day and it was one of my favorite reads when it came out. I can’t remember all of the details because my recollection abilities are not as good as yours.


  2. That’s the Unknown Soldier that I want to get. I bought the first issue and then for some reason never went back for the rest.

  3. derek. really dug this one. i’ve been wanting to get into swamp thing (mainly because of moore) but I haven’t known where to start…

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