Comic Book Noise No. 32 is online

Comic Book Noise 32 features a discussion on Elektra Lives Again, Marvel’s podcasts, Annihilation, the Legion of Super-Heroes, Speakeasy Comics’ demise and a few recommendations. 20 minutes

The direct download for the podcast is Download Link

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4 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise No. 32 is online”

  1. seconded on the marvel podcasts. those things are awful. damn near unlistenable… and don’t get me started on that NextWave theme song… I, however, did like the first issue of NextWave however… very Vonnegut-influenced…

  2. The worst part about the Marvel podcasts is that they did everything right with the Daredevil one. It was interesting and got my interest piqued in Daredevil, a title I haven’t read regularly since the issues after Elektra’s resurrection when I realized that she wasn’t coming back to the story.

    Now that I know that they can do a good job, I’m really disappointed in what they are doing now.

  3. Derek,

    Just to clarify in your podcast. I don’t think I mentioned Next Wave in my emails. I have not read it yet or even looked at it. It must have been one of your other listeners. I will read it and let you know what I think. I may have mentioned the art was bad in the new Marvel New Universe Starbrand title which I thumbed through.

    Even though you said you would never do an interview podcast I think you would be really good at it and ask very good questions.

    For anyone out there interested Strange Girl number 6 is going to supposedly be out on Weds of this week. There is a trade out collecting the first 4 issues. While I admit this is a book I almost gave up on then issues 4 and 5 hooked me. It is about the biblical rapture and a girl whose entire family goes to heaven and she is stuck on earth with demons. The art is different and I think it takes some getting used to it but it goes well with the story as Derek mentioned.

    I also second Derek’s choice for Local it is fantastic. I am really hearing good things about Brian Wood so I am also ordering the DMZ trade that is in this months Previews.


  4. I’m sorry about that Mike. I could have sworn it was you who liked the story but not the artwork. I remember being surprised both that Immonen could have artwork that somebody didn’t like and that YOU liked the story, which I thought was not one of Ellis’ best. I guess that should have been a clue that it wasn’t you. 🙂

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