New Contest Coming Soon

The prize-Seven Soldiers Zatanna issues 1, 2 and 4 (sorry about no 3); Gotham Central 33 and 34 (guest starring the Teen Titans).

The details will be revealed in an upcoming episode.

Update: Thanks to Peter Rios at Comic Geek Speak, the prize is now for all four issues of Seven Soldiers Zatanna.

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4 thoughts on “New Contest Coming Soon”

  1. Cool, that was nice of Peter. When you announced the prize I immediately checked my collection to see if I had an extra. Glad Peter filled it out for you. When is the next episode coming out?

  2. The new episode will be coming out sometime this weekend. I’ve had an extremely busy week. Tuesday I had the Detroit Podcasters meetup and I had a GREAT time hanging out with my buddies. Tonight (Thursday, now Friday) I went to a Ring of Honor show to see Christopher Daniels vs Samoa Joe. Sometime this weekend, the Detroit Comic Podcasters (me, Chris from the Collected Comics Library, Mike from Most People Are DJs and Mikel’s OD) are supposed to go see V For Vendetta.

    When I have more than a few minutes, then I’ll start preparing a show. I’ve been told that the past few shows were sub-par, so I am really going to take my time with this next one so that I get it right.

  3. I hope you have an episode that describes your reaction to V for Vendetta. I loved it but am curious to see your reaction because you are such a huge Alan Moore fan. Glad you have had a good week.

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