Comic Book Noise No. 37 is now online

Comic Book Noise No. 37 features a discussion about Top Five Favorite Superman “clones” (or more precisely, counterparts), guest starring Peter Rios from Comic Geek Speak and Bruce Rosenberger from the Komicskast and Comics Podcast Crossover podcasts. 31 minutes.

Here is the direct link to download the podcast: Download Link
Here is a link to a smaller file: Download Link

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3 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise No. 37 is now online”

  1. Looking forward to your interview podcast. I am really curious as to who it is going to be.

  2. Since Derek has declined interviews in the past and would only do one if it was “really good”, then it’s probably either Alan Moore, discussing his feelings about the “V for Vendetta” film adaption. Or Stan Lee. Maybe the ghost of Jack Kirby. Gene Colan, John Romita, Frank Miller talking about the Sin City movies and working with Robby Rodriguez. No, it’s, John Byrne, Millar or Bri Bendis. Or maybe even Christopher Priest! Dwayne McDuffie! Peter David? Claremont! I’m starting a pool right now. (I bet on black. Priest)

    It’d better not be Bruce Rosenberger! lol just kidding. I’d listen to that.

    I just hope it’s not Rob Liefeld. Speaking of him, you said something to the effect that RL’s work isn’t as bad as people make it out to be. Yes it is.

    And how come Fawcett/DC’s Captain Marvel and Malibu’s Prime or Marvel Man/Miracle Man don’t count as superman archetypes?

    THEY DO. Just because the go into their own genre of lil’ kids who somehow BECOME supermen, instead of super powered men with mild mannered identities doesn’t take them out of the superman archetype. Non comic readers might even mistake them for superman. That puts them right there in that “Supes” category. They have capes, invunerability, wear tights and they fly. You must be saying “well then, that makes Thor a superman archetype. Actually, he is, IMO. A superman from Norse mtyhology.

    If he-man could fly, he’d be a superman archetype, too.

  3. Even I wouldn’t listen to an interview with me, unless I was having trouble sleeping!

    I think that Captain Marvel may, or may not be applicable, depending on your criteria of what makes a Superman clone. Derek’s reasoning was certainly sound. I think that both Peter and I came at it from another direction…

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