Comic Book Noise 56 is online

Females and fandom. 45 minutes.

Here is are the downloads:
Regular version
Dialup version

Friends of Lulu website
Green Brain Comics
Comics Worth Reading
Sequential Tart
Shelly’s Comic Book Shelf
Redhead Fangirl
When Fangirls Attack
Comic Buyers Guide
I Read Comics
Comic Talk Cafe
About Heroes
Birds Of Geek
Loren Javier’s website
Collected Comics Library
Golden Age Of Comics
Comic Geek Speak
Comic Timing
Around Comics
Raging Bullets
Friends Of Lulu

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6 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 56 is online”

  1. Thanks again for giving About Heroes a shout out, everybody was kinda tired the last podcast cause Chicago-Con wore US OUT, lol. Two more eps are coming soon as a way of making up, also Darick Robertson is gonna be on one of these answering questions. I’ll try to give you a shout out in the podcast. Like the 45 minute podcast format you got going, so many go to long and are hard to take the time to listen.

  2. About Heroes is one of my favorite podcasts and I’ll tell anyone who will listen that they should check it out.

  3. Thanks for the mention and link! It is much appreciated. My entire goal, as a librarian and female comic blogger, is to get more women interested in comics and present my redhead-librarian- view. And nice words for Shelly- a fellow librarian blogger!

  4. Very cool stuff. I just wanted to mention that you left out one very important blog in your list. Comics Fairplay:

    It’s my wife’s blog and it one of the longer running comic blogs around, especially from a woman’s point of view. I’d like to invite you (and everyone else who reads this) to check her place out. It’s updates pretty regularly. Thanks! 🙂

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