DC Noise No. 1

Starman Hardcover Collections. Mark Bagley and Keith Giffen signed as exclusives. A look at Gail Simone’s first Wonder Woman issue and the Titans East Special. Plans for DC Noise.And thank you’s galore.

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Mark Bagley article, Newsarama:
Rich Johnston’s Lying In the Gutters:

Vaneta Rogers talks with Keith Giffen:
Vaneta Rogers on MySpace:
Gail Simone’s Interview, Comics Journal #286:

Poptopia Podcast by Paul French:

Raging Bullets:

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8 thoughts on “DC Noise No. 1”

  1. Right now, DC Noise and Indie Comic Book Noise are only available as part of the overall Comic Book Noise Family Feed. This may change in the future, but in the meantime try some of the other shows. They are all pretty good.

    We cover Marvel, DC and Independent Comics. The Villaincast specifically takes a look at the bad guys of comics. Geek Brunch is a highly entertaining and addictive general pop culture show. Comics Playground is a show that focuses on all-ages content. Comic Book Noise touches on anything and everything that has to do with comics.

    In the future, there will be an entirely new feed that focuses on

  2. Rios ROCKS! I’m so glad Peter is hosting this new podcast. This is Peter in his element (DC). I can’t wait for new episodes. 😀

  3. loved the podcast!!!

    i’ve been listening to cgs for 3 years straight. i’ve downloaded a bunch of older episodes based on the interviewees, cause it dont make much sense to hear old news, right?
    but i heard mention of the stan lee interview over and over and never actually heard it. till now!
    and it was in that episode that you mention your blog (which i had no idea about) and here i saw the dc noise thing… AWESOME!

    love comic podcasts and this subject matter is really close to me.

    please keep it up peter!
    i’ll be listening

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