12 Quick Reviews

OK, I’m all caught up.

30 Days of Night: Beyond Barrow 2 of 3 – I never read the original 30 Days of Night story or seen the movie, but I know what it is about. I also missed the first issue of this mini, so this was the first issue of 30 Days of Night I have ever read. I liked it. Then again I like Bill Sienkiewicz’s artwork. Recommendation: Pick it up

Sinbad Rogue of Mars 2 – Once I found out that we have picked up the story in mid stream, then it made sense. I wish that I knew a little more about the characters, but I’m willing to give the writer the benefit of the doubt. Recommendation: Pick it up

The Overman 1 – No thanks. Recommendation: Leave it alone

Countdown Presents The Search For Ray Palmer: Red Son 1 – The art reminds me a lot of Leinil Yu. All of the SFRP issues remind me of annuals from the mid 90s, where they are connected but in the long run don’t matter much, like Atlantis Attacks (which I read) or JLApe (which I didn’t). Recommendation: Leave it alone

Bat Lash 1 of 6 – The art by John Severin was great, but then again I think that he should draw any cowboy book that comes along. I’m purposely avoiding thinking about his involvement in the Rawhide Kid miniseries, because I hated it so much. I thought there would be a lot more humor in a book written by Sergio Aragones. However, what was the deal with the ending? Recommendation: Pick it up

Living With The Dead 3 of 3 – I thought this was pretty good, but at the same time it felt like a treatment for a movie or a cable series. Recommendation: Pick it up

Omega The Unknown 3 of 10 – I’m still liking the confusion that this series is bringing. I know that a lot of people don’t like the artwork, but it works with the story. Recommendation: Pick it up

Black Adam 5 of 6 – If this was an ongoing, I would have dropped it by now. As it is, I have more issue to go. Recommendation: Wait until it is part of a trade

The Boys 13 – This issue has fill in artwork by Peter Snejbjerg, the same guy who almost make me drop Starman. Bring back Darick Robertson. Still since this is part three of a four part story, you have to get it if you have the first two parts. Recommendation: Pick it up, I guess

Crawl Space: Xxxombies 2 of 4 – This is a lot funnier than I thought it would be and I though it would be hilarious. Kieron Dwyer has come a long way from his Mutant Massacre days. Recommendation: Pick it up

Grimm Fairy Tales 19 – I was pretty disappointed in this story. With the other stories, they give the original (non sanitized) version and see how it can relate to a modern day story. I don’t remember this version of Rapunzel and I thought that I was familiar with the original version. Recommendation: Get it as part of a trade

Streets of Glory 3 – I’m really digging this story. I get a strong Lonesome Dove vibe from the main villain, but that’s cool. I thought that Blue Duck was a good bad guy and I think that Red Crow is a good villain here. Recommendation: Pick it up


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3 thoughts on “12 Quick Reviews”

  1. This is one of those books that I knew wasn’t for me as I was reading it. I have read a lot of good first issues from Image lately that make me want to come back for more (Lazarus, The Sword and Suburban Glamour to name a few). Overman, like Brit and Sharkman, just doesn’t appeal to me. With some of the other titles that I named, there was a sense of normalcy that was disrupted by the fantastic. With Overman, Sharkman and Brit, the fantastic is the norm. There is no touchstone for me. Not for me, no thank you.

    I suppose I could have elaborated a little, but then again, I don’t read very many reviews that aren’t on comicbooknoise.com, so I didn’t think that anybody out there felt differently. Hopefully you will write a review for site after you read it or send in an audio review to indienoise@comicbooknoise.com. Just saying. 🙂

  2. This is our favorite bad review.


    Compared to other reviews we’ve had it’s hard to believe they were reading the same thing. 🙂

    Sorry you didn’t like our book, Derek. I know it was a “quick review” so it’s hard to know where we failed you without any context.

    It’s definitely not a book for everyone, but we appreciate people at least trying it out.

    Thanks for giving it a shot.


    P.S. If you talk to Allen Freeman let him know I said Hello!

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