FCBD is becoming more of a meaningless joke

First the FCBD people have decided that they only want to give out all ages books (which makes no sense, because it is likely that a vast majority of the other books in the shop won’t be all ages). But now Johanna Draper-Carlson over at Comics Worth Reading has an interview with a publisher who has had three separate collections rejected. Read the interview to find out why, but I find it very interesting that a slowly dying hobby would summarily dismiss a segment that has been very supportive of the concept since the beginning, especially when so many of us really don’t give a rat’s ass about getting a bunch of titles that the FCBD people want to give away.

The only title I have ever wanted on a Free Comic Book Day was the Nexus one given away last year and that’s just because I am such a Nexus mark. There are people who read last year’s The Umbrella Academy and were disappointed when the actual title came out because it was drastically different. Others have had a problem with the fact that some publishers were giving away neutered versions of the regular comics.

The really frustrating part is that Blatant Comics’ Last Blood is one of the few FCBD titles that I thought got it right. It was a full comic and it related directly with the regular title. Now that could be because it was a webcomic collection, I don’t know, but for them to get shut out for a such a lame reason makes me wonder if another publisher with a little more stroke complained to Diamond’s FCBD committee and said ‘That’s not fair’.


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