Last month’s poll

Last month’s poll was ‘Which would you rather do?’ and the choices were ‘Work for DC Comics’, ‘Work for Marvel Comics’, ‘Work for an indie publisher’ or ‘Start your own business.’

And the winner was ‘Work for Marvel Comics’, which shouldn’t surprise me because for now they are the industry leader.

However, I wonder how the numbers would have been if I had fully described what I was thinking when I made the poll. ‘Which would you rather do, if all things were equal in terms of finances and the ability to get your books in stores?’

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2 thoughts on “Last month’s poll”

  1. I’d love to follow the trail folks like Eastman, Laird, Wagner, Rude, Baron, etc. trekked down, but most likely my answer still would have been Marvel. A chance to play with their toys? Or create my own to interact with their characters? Sounds like a hoot!

  2. I can understand that, David, but I’m not built that way. It’s not that I don’t like the characters of the established companies, but I can never think up a single story for any character they have created. Even when I try to take a story that I have already written for my characters, I can’t think about how to make it work for one of them.

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