$152.49 should not be ignored

My good friend Scott Cederlund is a little disgusted with fandom (my words, not his) and the reaction to Countdown To Final Crisis. He wonders why so many people who spent the last year complaining about Countdown are now crying foul because Grant Morrison has invalidated it when he wrote Final Crisis #1.

He asks "Do we want to forget that Countdown ever happened or do we want it to be the real backbone of the DC universe?"

For $152.49 (without discount), I don’t want DC (or any publisher for that matter) to give me a big middle finger a few weeks after the end of a major story, like Countdown. It doesn’t matter if we want to forget the story because THEY told us that it happened, in continuity on the regular DC Universe Earth. If they wanted us to ignore the story and all of the events in it, then they could have ended the last issue with a two page spread of the words "JUST KIDDING!" People would have still been pissed, but they would not have been pissed at Grant Morrison and the current miniseries but rather they would have still been pissed at Paul Dini and the Countdown Crew of Palmiotti, Gray, McKeever, Bedard, Beechen (who a lot of people are mad at anyway, so another little bit probably wouldn’t have crushed the camel’s spine).

There were some facets of Countdown that could have been ignored and no one would care. There were some things about Countdown that should not have been ignored (The Death of The New Gods, Mxyzptlk closing the Fifth Dimension, The Great Disaster, The Challengers Of The Beyond telling the Monitors that they are being monitored and The new OMAC are some things that I would like to see revisited). If these things are part of the backbone, they could have been. After the wasted potential of Countdown, why continue to throw out everything except for Mary’s new costume and attitude?

And let’s face it, they have probably already got all of the money that they are going to get out of Countdown, but they have just gotten the juicer fired up for Final Crisis. By telling the suckers who bought every issue loyal readers of Countdown that they wasted their time, they are wasting some of the remaining 52 goodwill that they haven’t flushed away. I, for one, will be waiting for the trade (free plug for my buddies). I know my little $27.93 (without discount) won’t matter much to DC Comics, but then again neither did the time and money I spent on Countdown To Final Crisis.

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10 thoughts on “$152.49 should not be ignored”

  1. From what I understand of the situation, everyone at DC knew what Grant Morrison had in mind for Final Crisis over a year ago. It’s not fair for anyone to blame Grant Morrison for the mixups and continuity errors involving Countdown and the inconsistencies in Final Crisis. I trust Grant Morrison to explain everything either in a logical way, or more likely in the inimitable way that Grant Morrison does things. Either way I expect Final Crisis to be very enjoyable sand interesting. At least to me.

    Now, why editorial allowed Paul Dini and company to go on as they did in Countdown I don’t understand. Maybe its because of it being a weekly series, its hard to change focus midstream once mistakes are made. Whatever the reason it is a damn shame that it came out that way.

    Regardless, DC abandoned that “backbone of the DCU” business around the halfway point on Countdown. It’s like they just gave up on the series from that point on. That was a huge mistake. But still there were several enjoyable issues and story points all the way to the end. All-in-all, I guess it can be considered a failure. But I didn’t exactly hate every minute of it like so many other people claim to.

    Re: Mary Marvel’s black costume and powers from Black Adam. Have you read Justice Society of America #16? Someone should have told Geoff Johns that Grant Morrison wanted to use Black Mary in Final Crisis. But hopefully that will be explained too.

  2. Good point, but if DC knew what Morrison was going to do AND DC knew what Dini and the Crew was going to do, then DC should have made sure that they were going to connect in a logical way. Just because Editorial dropped the ball (the same way they dropped multiple balls throughout Countdown) does not absolve the publisher from the anger of the fans.

    By the end of Countdown, they knew they were going to screw us and therefore should be prepared for the reaction.

    Re: Justice Society of America. I stopped reading that title a long time ago. It was only barely interesting to me at the offset and didn’t “improve” in my eyes.

  3. You are right. Fans have every right to be angry at the publisher, or more specifically angry at editorial for dropping the ball. I just wanted to point out that it’s not fair to take that anger out on Grant Morrison and JG Jones as well. I guess the same could be said of Dini and company too.

  4. I won’t be taking it out on Morrison/Jones, I will be taking out on DC Comics by not buying their product. Money is too tight to be giving away on stories that I don’t want to read.

  5. But you still have the issues and the story that were in Countdown, don’t you? They’re still there for you to read when you want them.

    I’ve been thinking about this for a while and it’s funny that Morrison was, in some ways, on the other side of the fence when he left New X-Men. He built up and told a story but as soon as it was over, Marvel seemed very eager to quickly say that none of that happened and that Xorn was never who Morrison said he actually was. Deaths were quickly undone and it didn’t take Marvel long to sweep it under the carpet.

    There was some rage when Marvel started dismantling Morrison’s work but I still have 3 nice hardcovers that I look through more often than I do any other X-Men stuff. I’ve still got the story that Morrison told. Maybe his stories were undone for the greater sake of continuity but the books themselves weren’t undone and I can still enjoy them.

    I’ll admit I watched Countdown from the outside looking in and didn’t buy it so I’m not invested in it at all.

    Would it have been better for DC to wait a year or two before invalidating Countdown?

  6. And I do agree that the disconnect between the two series is a huge failure but I’m just a bit surprised that Countdown is being supported so vigorously over this issue when it seemed, from what I’ve heard, to have limped to its concluding issues.

  7. I don’t think it is the fact that Countdown is being ignored is what sticks in the craw of so many. It is the fact that Countdown is being ignored so quickly. It went from Countdown, to a zero issue that had NOTHING to do with Countdown, to a first issue of what we were counting down to and that’s when the ignoring started.

    If Morrison’s run on New X-Men was actually Countdown To The Second Death of Jean Grey, then I would lend your comparison a little more credence, but the fact is the X-Men stuff was not designed as a yearlong prelude to another story. To get to that point and then say “Oh yeah, that buildup didn’t count” is just plain insulting.

    Like the wise man said “You only have to shove so many pineapples up my ass before I’ll say ‘Don’t do that.'”

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