Indie Comic Book Noise 210: Angie Loves Mary Jane

By Derek
August 12, 2008

No Bruce this week, but we call in Heath Holland from the Geek Brunch podcast to pinch-hit with a preview of Atomic Robo: The Dogs of War 1 from Red 5 Comics. Then Angie and I start talking about:
San Diego
Mary Jane
Recipe of the day?
Obligatory Fuzzy Typewriter mention
Foodie blogs vs Comic Book blogs
TMZ for comics
Garbage causes Alzheimer’s?
People who Angie met
Klum or McDonald
The worst part about Angie’s new job
Angie’s first pull list
No Grab Bag for Angie
What Derek Got
Angie’s DCBS stuff
What Is The New York Four? (SPOILERS)
What Is The Water Baby? (SPOILERS)
“Is it called homosexuality when it is two girls?”
Jamie McElvie’s Wonder Woman
Apple Technical Support
The Secret Origins of Angie’s laptop
“Who says I don’t like Grant Morrison?”
Missing Trades
How Angie Got Her Job
The Boy Who Made Silence from the publisher’s site
Liquidating rude artists
Chocolate Truffles with dark chocolate powder.

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