Comic Book Noise 145: Audio Feedback

Host Derek Coward goes over audio feedback from David A Price and Peter Rios.  Featuring the music of The Snarky Remarks.

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3 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 145: Audio Feedback”

  1. Damn! I got major whiplash listening to David’s voicemail going from Cpt. Mar-Vell/Civil War to Countdown. Warn a guy next time! lol

    Oh by the way – Cpt. Mar-Vell’s return was supposed to be one thing and became something else. But that’s different how? It’s not an insult to buy a Cpt. Mar-Vell one-shot or mini-series under false pretenses? I call that bullshit they are feeding to readers as well. Just to use David’s words.


  2. A lot of the communication between David and myself is pretty disjointed and fast moving. On more than ten occasions, one of us will have to apologize because we got our streams of consciousness crossed like Ghostbusters or two drunk guys pissing on the same wall. 😀

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