Should I Take This Personally or Not?

Here is a quote from a forum thread that I did not start, but was taking an active role in. The thread was started by someone expressing anger about the Dark Reign checklist. This post had to do with piracy and how big media industries have to deal with changes in technology and how people consume entertainment. It was very interesting and thought provoking until this section in the middle:

“Indie guys. F*&# you. I hope you all die, because there’s no excuse for you guys not to be further along than you are. You don’t have years of licensing and continuity to bring you down. No giant overarching editors to keep you from pursuing new interests. $4 for a black and white book? Seriously? What are you smoking? Who the hell is going for that? Why aren’t you online? Why can’t you pay some pimply teenager $100 to make you a stupid iphone/android/winmo/palm app for your comic that gets it out to more people while the iron is hot and getting hotter? You guys have the freedom to do whatever you want. It’s not like you’re making money anyway. And don’t get happy about marvel and dc going down, cause with them goes your whole industry and all that’ll be left will be stupid Acme Novelty Library books (good books) that no one wants to read.

Think your beloved True Story Swear To God and perhapanauts go anywhere without spider-man? Really? Who’s going to buy them? Where are they going to buy them? I’d like to know? I really would. Think your local LCS exists without Superman to bring people in? Have fun in your fantasy world. Hope the kool-aid tastes great there. Not going to happen. How many people listen to lil wayne? how many have even heard of wale? or better example for y’all is like Nickleback and cloud cult. seriously. Comics are so small and insular we feel that indies are much bigger than they really are. But they’re a moderately decent chunk of a disgusting small margine.”

Since I was taking part in the conversation, my podcast defending the price increase was mentioned, I talked about my high regard from True Story Swear To God and The Perhapanauts in that episode, as well as mentioning that I don’t read Spider-Man or Superman anymore, is it safe to assume that if I take this personally I’m not overreacting?

Whether you agree with my opinions or not, you have to agree I have never said “DC/Marvel fans, F*&# you!”

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13 thoughts on “Should I Take This Personally or Not?”

  1. That's true Derek. I think you are right in taking it personally since, like I said, it did seem to be directed at your comments as well. I also think it's unfair for someone to be trying to tell those indie creators how to promote their books. I am sure that if those guys had the resources and inclination to go digital for example, they would. And maybe some of those guys don't want their books to be online or on PSP's or whatever. It would be perfectly understandable if they preferred to only maintain their creative output in print form. And I happen to agree with your comments about the prices of comics in your recent podcast episode. I think it is a far from arbitrary thing for those prices to be going up.

  2. Well that teenager is extra bitchy & isnt that just special! But really Derek you express your opinons completely while holding no punches. I like the majority DC titles & a few from Marvel but that doesnt limit me to trying Essex Co. Trilogy, Walking Dead HCs. B & W titles are damn good. Indie creators deserve the right to have to earn a living in the comics medium. Also a great non B & W title is Mouseguard that I enjoy a great deal more than the “B list” DC or Marvel titles . To the ranting looney tune that posted his rant take a fucking chill pill & relax. Continue doing your show the way you want Derek.


  3. I don’t think he was saying fuck you to you, I think it was directed at the indie creators. At least that’s the impression I got. But also I think the comments as a whole were referring to things you said since he had just listened to your podcast episode and you did talk about True Story and Perhapanauts in that one.

  4. Eric, if he was indeed saying fuck you to the indie creators, then I’m pretty sure that Tom Beland (who sometimes frequents that forum) and the other indie creators on that forum will address his concerns accordingly.

    I just think it is amusing that whenever I talk about generalities, people complain back using specific examples of why I am “wrong”; and when I use specifics, then they want to argue using generalities.

    Regardless, like I said, I’m going to take this one personally.

  5. Eric, talk to most any indie creators in any field (comics, music, movies, software, podcasts, blogs) and they will tell you that the area they fall behind in is promotion. It is not as easy as some people think. And when you are offering a product that is more expensive, less accessible and usually unknown when compared to others in the same field, then you are looking at a very uphill battle.

    Luckily a lot of technology has evened the playing field in terms of creation, but promotion, marketing and advertising is a whole new ballgame.

  6. Oh I agree. I listen to a podcast put out by a couple indie creators and a common theme is them talking about new ways to promote their books. They are pretty tech and web savvy but they still seem to fall short in getting the word out there. Comics are a tough field to try and make a career in, I am sure. Between reader apathy and little to no mainstream acceptance it is an uphill battle.

  7. He meant no harm by this and was using an extreme example to prove his point. If you go read the forum again you will see this.

  8. Sorry, Mike, but I am taking this one personally. You may have seen someone using an extreme example but didn’t mean a personal attack. I see it as someone who made a personal attack and has had second thoughts about it.

    If you read what I said in my last post, I’m not going to make waves on anyone else’s forum, so if the “discussion” is going to continue, it will do so without me. If I have any show feedback to give, then I can post it either on this site, or send you and Heath an email.

  9. It makes me sad that you will stop visiting the Geek Brunch forum, which we all consider to be partially yours, because of a post. Haven’t you ever said anything and then had second thoughts about it? Did the other person forgive and forget and move on or did they hold a grudge like you plan to? I was part of a discussion on another forum where I was basically called a hypocrite about something that I knew nothing about and was accused of something that I didn’t do. It was hurtful and insulting. The person responsible for treating me this way apologized and I forgave him immediately. I simply think that in this crazy messed up world that we live in today, there is just no room to be so unforgiving and to hold grudges for what are seemingly small things. It is emotions such as these that I believe make us unhappy and unable to enjoy life. I always feel that life is so short and precious that I simply don’t have time to spend in a bad mood or angry about something I won’t even remember in a year. I don’t know if maybe I’m just different in this way, but anytime someone does something wrong to me, I can move on in just a matter of minutes. You can ask Mike. 🙂 So I hope you can reconsider this position so we can all enjoy your comments and participation on the forum that you fathered. Just let it sit and think about it. Have a great Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  10. I appreciate it, Barb, but I know that I would hold a grudge. Each time I came across a post of his I know I would get mad all over again. That’s just how I am. Since he contributes more to the forum that I so, then it just makes sense that I find other stuff to do with my time. I might lurk every now and then.

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