Comic Book Noise 157: Doing It Derek Coward Style

Host Derek Coward puts forth his wants for a new/old type of comic book collection and the titles that he would use.


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3 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 157: Doing It Derek Coward Style”

  1. Actually, I don’t know if it’s what you are looking for but there was a Camelot 3000 Deluxe hardcover that came out a month or two ago. It is oversized. I don’t know if the art has been enhanced in any way because I have never seen the original issues, but the art and coloring in my copy of the HC looks very nice.

  2. I saw that. The one Amazon review said the print quality was bad compared to the original issues (or the original trade, I’m not sure).

    I don’t usually pay much attention to one star or five star ratings, because I doubt if those people actually think before they click on a rating. And since we seem to live in a ‘I love it or I hate it’ society I try to pay attention more to the people who show some sort of thought process in their rating system.

  3. Derek,

    Eric beat me to it but as you were discussing Camelot 3000 and whether DC still had access to the original artwork, I immediately wanted to let you know about the Camelot 3000 deluxe hardcover. I just started reading it and find both the packaging and the production quality to be exemplary.

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