2 People Talking 1: Angie Loves Local

The debut episode of Comic Book Noise Presents 2 People Talking features your hosts Derek Coward and Angela Paman talking about name changes, fake sick kids, Brian Wood trades, college basketball tournament finals, Alan Moore’s Swamp Thing, Battlestar Galactica’s series finale, comic book price increases, anger and hatred, Robert Kirkman, not knowing and loving it, Comic Impact, the F-Bombcast, Angie’s upcoming birthday, CREATE South and Amigofish.

This episode features the song “Cut In Half” by the band Cavedoll.

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4 thoughts on “2 People Talking 1: Angie Loves Local”

  1. I'm so glad you called you called out the people complaining about the 3.99 price increase, especially those who buy stuff on-line (like dcbs). Your not paying 3.99 if you get a 40% discount your only paying 2.40. I have never understood the logic in the argument. They person who should complain about 3.99 is the person who is actually paying 3.99 for the comic.

  2. Congrats on the sponsor Derek. So does this sponsorship apply to only the shows you host or all the Comic Book Noise Family? Just wondering if we should be mentioning it on the other shows too.

    Anyway, fun episode. I really wish I could get in the chat room whenever you guys are recording but it seems like I am either asleep or at work when it happens.

    You never see me complaining about comic prices because I ma one of those mail order guys too. I will say that I am happy that at least DC is putting in those co-features to help justify the price hike.

    1. Amigofish was a website sponsor for comicbooknoise.com at the time we were recording. I could have also have said Amazon.com.

      The chat room/streaming part of the show really backfired on the second episode in a BIG way. I will also be streaming (not recording) on Saturday nights, playing music and talking about whatever. Just keep an eye on Twitter.

      I'm also glad that DC is putting a little more effort into their product because like I said in a previous Comic Book Noise episode, they have to do something because for the same amount of money that they are charging, people could also pick up an indie book and not be tethered by all of the continuity baggage that the mainstream universes brings. Instead, a lot of the complainers are just complaining.

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