2 People Talking 2: Angie Loves The Saga Of Swamp Thing

After a few technical difficulties, the second episode of 2 People Talking features your hosts Angela Paman and Derek Coward talking about Scalped, Scout, the Holy Grail of Comic Books, getting back issues, Blankets, Frank Miller’s Batman books, The Saga of Swamp Thing, defending Watchmen, 2008’s superhero movies, anime influenced superhero cartoons, The Marvel Super Heroes, Watchmen Motion Comics, Derek goes temporarily senile, The SWORD, G. Willow Wilson’s Air, “Allergies and Food and that kind of stuff” and how to find and/or contact us.

This episode features the song “Swamp Ass” by Thee Corsairs.

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One thought on “2 People Talking 2: Angie Loves The Saga Of Swamp Thing”

  1. Derek, did you notice that you called Dash Badhorse Dashiel Hammet when you were talking about Scalped? I'm guessing that's where Jason Aron got the name from.

    I think I'm in the minority of comic book readers who watched both Teen Titans and the "anime" Fantastic Four. That's probably because I'm a younger reader with less ties to these characters. The FF cartoon wasn't as visually appealing to me as Teen Titans was, but I think that FF should have gotten more of a chance. I'd watch it any day over the second Fantastic Four movie.

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