2 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 165: Spider-Man Brand New Day Vol. 1 Part 1”

  1. Two things: The only real problem I had with the reboot was "how" they did it. I highly doubt many of the Marvel characters who knew Spiderman's identity could simply "forget" who he is. Daredevil, Doctor Strange and Wolverine all come to mind. I never liked Alternate Reality and time travel stories, since there are just too many variables. Also, they also said they did this to come with "new stories" for Spidey since the character wasn't the same. Well, they said the exact same thing when they created the Ultimate book and of course when they unmasked him in Civil war.

    Nonetheless, I have to say that I'm really liking the book. With the two recent reveals of Peter Parker to the FF and to the New Avengers, things should get back to normal soon.

    Second: The Gloria Grant thing…as soon as you said you wondered if she was used in a story line, I thought immediately about the one with the Lobo Brothers (one of my favorite of all time),,,and you said it. Weird. Robbie is also one of the great Spidey characters and has been in many great story lines.

    Loved this episode…looking forward to the next…

    Dave K.

  2. David, how would you have done it?

    The problem with the unmasking was that it was done as a publicity stunt. I don't think there was any long term planning done with character beyond the Civil War miniseries when it came to everyone knowing who he was. I think they put a LOT more thought into where they wanted to go with Brand New Day.

    I think that the Ultimate Universe suffered from one big problem: they tried to make it like the Marvel Universe too soon. Too many concepts came over too soon. If they had taken their time to develop the universe as something separate, then it wouldn't be seen as a failure right now.

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