My Heroes Con Haul

1 Brian Denham Man-Thing print (autographed by Brian Denham)
DC Comics Presents #8 (Superman and Swamp Thing)
DC Comics Presents #84 (Superman and Challengers of The Unknown) [art by Jack Kirby]
DC Challenge #9
Freedom Fighters #3
Legionnaires #36
Solo-Richard Corben
The Perhapanauts #6 (autographed by Todd DeZago and Craig Rousseau)
Finder #37 (which was given to me for free by Carla Speed McNeil, which lead me to go back and buy…)
…Finder: The Rescuers TPB
Mercury and The Murd: The Collected Edition Vol. 1 TPB
Athena Voltaire: The Collected Webcomics TPB
Awesome: The Indie Spinner Rack Anthology Vol. 1 TPB
Awesome 2: The Second of the Indie Spinner Rack Anthologies TPB
Scar Tissue Vol. 1 TPB
Annihilation Conquest Book One TPB
Heroes Reborn: The Avengers TPB
Necessary Evil Vol 1 TPB
Essential Amazing Spider-Man Vol. 6 TPB
MySpace Dark Horse Presents Vol. 1  TPB
Daredevil by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson Vol. 3 TPB
Cable: Messiah War TPB
The Perhapanauts: Triangle TPB (autographed by Todd DeZago)
My Brain Hurts Vol 1 TPB
Ninjasaur: Rhinos and Robots
Phase 7 #005
Phase 7 #006
Phase 7 #012
D-Tales #1
D-Tales #2
Chinny-Chin-Chin #1
Circle City Tales #1
Fall Harvest
Greenbrook: Hearts & Spades Heroes Con Sneak Preview Edition
Dirty Jobs: Blood Drive Exclusive
After-School Agent #1
After-School Agent #2
After-School Agent #3

Reviews to follow eventually.

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