2 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 175: Ads for 2009 and A Very Interesting Conversation”

  1. Great episode Derek. Lots of things to chew on.

    1) I completely agree about Bill's podcast. He does a great job and it was a treat to have him back behind the mic after a few months of Facebooking and computer troubles. Unlike you, I generally find one-person monologue casts to be hard to listen to but two strong exceptions are Bill and your show. You guys seem to hold my attention whereas most single voice shows make me lose focus.

    2) Regarding the advertising, I know you're not reading a lot of mainstream comics but one thing that's started happening is product placement. For example, Cisco has been appearing in a number of Marvel books. Specifically, in an issue of Secret Warriors, Nick Fury uses Cisco Webex to conference with Dum Dum Dugan. The Cisco Webex logo was Photo Shopped into the art. In an issue of Captain Britain & MI13, they are using Cisco Telepresence to have a conference call with government officials.

    3) Pouring through a few issues on the top of my stack, I see ads from the U.S. Navy, a number of video game companies, and KIA Motors. But what I also see are a TON of house ads, which directly ties into the poor ad environment for print mediums.

    4) Good for you in asking the Diamond Rep a few questions. Sadly I think you're right about $3.99, which gets back to John Turitizin's comments to me at the investor conference. Comics buyers are addicted, and there is a ton of price elasticity so long as we get our fix.

    Thanks again for the show, it's always a treat. Hopefully 11 O'C isn't one of the shows you don't feel comfortable leaving feedback for anymore. 🙂



  2. Thanks for listening, Jason.

    1) Did that part sound too kiss-assy? I don't want to make Bill feel all weird. 🙂 Like I said, most people that I know prefer the give and take of multi-player podcasts but I honestly don't think that enough opinion gets through. I know I am in the minority with that, but it just seems that way to me.

    2) Unlike a lot of people I don't have a problem with product placement, it makes the world that I am witnessing (whether it is in a comic book, on a TV show or in a movie) more realistic. I would rather see a character drinking a Coca-Cola than a Cola Cola or a Soder Pop.

    3) I just wonder if the publishers should just also go for smaller ads with lesser known advertisers, like "the good old days". Who doesn't want to see what this generation can come up with to rival Count Dante? And each time I see a page with a house ad (or a TV show with an upcoming show announcement) I have to wonder if they should have just lowered the rate and gave the illusion of doing well. After all, 1/2 rate is better than zero rate.

    4) I didn't mention Diamond. 😉

    I talk more about leaving feedback and other podcasts on the next episode. I also mention names, but hopefully the hosts of those shows will listen all the way through so they can hear the complete explanation.

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