Comic Book Noise 179: Daredevil 500 and Fallen Justice

Host Derek Coward talks about Daredevil 500, his history with the character, enthusiasm for the future of the title despite those saying nay and finishes the show by talking about a pretty cool digital comic book available on iTunes and offers some reading recommendations.

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Fallen Justice #1 (always free on iTunes)
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4 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 179: Daredevil 500 and Fallen Justice”

  1. Nice Review of Fallen Justice. You can always tell when a reviewer knows his stuff, when you are deeply familiar with the book being reviewed and realized that the reviewer put into words things that were just unexpressed thoughts in your own head.

    You mentioned that the author Cary Kelley writes a story that grabs you better than most stories by DC and Marvel. Rumor has it that industry giants are in talks with Cary, having realized the same thing. I have read both books on my iPhone and I have also read the paper version of Fallen Justice #3. Your comment that something is wrong and his temper is getting him into trouble also proved to be prophetic in #3. Way to do a good review.

  2. Derek, I was glad to hear you liked the books! Drop me an email and I'll send you PDFs of the first five issues if you want! Thanks again for taking the time to check it out!

  3. Really enjoyed this episode. I liked that you could make an entire show really just centered around one single comic book issue.

    I was one of those people who saw Ed's finale as a jumping off point mainly for the reason of I wasn't really crazy about where Diggle's run was looking to go (being more in tune with the Marvel U). I started to think about it though: hasn't the DD title been the "off to the side, dark noir book" for like the past 6/7 years? Maybe it is a good idea to do something different and what isn't really expected of a current DD book. I love the dark, noir stuff, but I think it will be cool to see the book go into a new direction and do something unlike what has been done in recent years. Then, the actual reading of #500 just added to my excitement of Diggle's upcoming run.

    And, as someone who read the whole Brubaker run, I think this is a DD run that will be well remembered in years to come. Ed took this character to very interesting places and really just pushed Matt Murdock.

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