Review of True Story Swear To God 12

When I started reading this book, I did something I rarely do. I read the inside cover. Normally, the inside cover is reserved for ‘The Story So Far’ and although I usually skip those for books I have every issue of, I was stopped from turning by the fact it was NOT ‘The Story So Far’, but rather an explanation for why issue has been a year and a half late. Recently I have read a couple of other books that were so ungodly late, they have turned me off from buying things from the creators/publishers for a while, if not for good. (Zero Killer and Dead World: Frozen Over for those of you who haven’t been following the blog.) However, I might have been a little more forgiving if they had just explained things. I understand creators/publishers don’t owe me (or any reader) an explanation for lateness, but I (or any reader) don’t owe them our money.

The story itself was every good thing about True Story Swear To God. It was funny and touching and romantic. I will admit to becoming teary eyed during the FOUR pages leading to the kiss at the altar. If you have a single romantic bone in your body, this issue (and the entire series to be honest with you) will move you.

There is a reason why this title gets moved to the top of my reading list every time it comes out, this issue illustrates it perfectly.


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