4 thoughts on “2 People Talking 63: Derek Loves Surprise Con Updates”

  1. Hey Derek,
    On Amy Reeder Hadley (guessing on the spelling)…I think she'll be alternating art chores with J H Williams on the new Batwoman series.
    On the GR8 Ten: I gotta catch up…I'm not a big fan of the artist, but his work seems 2 fit here.
    On Black Manta: I'll try and do my part 2 at least send Angela via photobucket or something a pic of that character. I'm not the greatest artist, but I'm alright. I'll try 2 come up with something soon.
    On the podcast: Excellent!

    1. Thanks, Phil. I'm glad that ARH is moving on to bigger things, but I will miss her on Madame Xanadu.

      As for the Black Manta drawing, don't worry about being a great artist. My skills suck and I drew him for her.

      1. I just re-listened 2 your latest Ryan interview and please send my apologies 2 Angela! When I 1st listened 2 the interview my computer got all glitchey and I missed the part where u mentioned W.W. fighting Manta
        Hopefully when I get a scanner I can do another piece that will be more 2 her liking and more specific 2 her wishes

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