Review – Pale Horse #2 (of 4)

This series is a Western about a black former Union spy who is roaming the untamed West shortly after the end of Civil War. In the first issue, Cole survived an attempt on his life. The second issue features his search for the people who hired the gunmen and their attempts to have him killed again.

The story by Andrew Cosby is very good, but in spots it moves a little too quick for my taste. I guess this has a lot to do with the fact that it is a four issue miniseries instead of five or six issues.  Michael Alan Nelson’s dialog  is very strong and doesn’t rely heavy on exposition, but I am a fan of his work on 28 Days Later and I’m not really surprised how good he is on this title.

I had never heard of Christian Dibari, but his artwork reminds me of Don Heck or Joe Staton. The color pallet is mostly brown, tan and orange, so I am unsure if it is the best example of Andres Lozano’s work. Johnny Lowe’s lettering also doesn’t stretch the boundaries of the craft, so I am reserving judgment on the coloring and the lettering.

Recommendation:  If you are a fan of movies like The Outlaw Josey Wales, books by Louis L’Amour or Forest Carter, then you should like Pale Horse.  I’m not really sure if fans of Jonah Hex or old school western comics like Kid Colt Outlaw or Two Gun Kid will like it though.


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