Review – The New Avengers #2

I was a bit wary about the beginning of this series because Brian Michael Bendis and Stuart Immonen took a team made up of primarily “street level” superheroes and put them in a story that was heavily influenced tied into magic. I thought it might have turned into a big misstep, but the creators have really surprised me with the way they are having the characters react to something they really aren’t known for.

I’m not sure that I like the way that Spider-Man and Ben Grimm get treated like a couple of chumps, but oh well, at least they look good. Stuart Immonen has become one of my favorite Ben Grimm artists after only two issues.

Recommendation: If you liked the first issue, then you will like the second one. If you like some of the other Avengers books more, then this will probably not change your mind, but you are wrong about it. The others are OK, but The New Avengers has the potential to be great.


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