Comic Book Noise 214: A Short Feedback Show

Host Derek Coward responds to feedback about recent episodes and talks about Hank Pym’s mental decay vs Tony Stark’s alcoholism, comic book B listers, why certain characters aren’t talked about on Comic Book Noise and why podcast listeners should leave feedback.

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4 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 214: A Short Feedback Show”

  1. Great episode and you had me cracking up when you said, "Go ahead and call him 'Negroman' and get it over with". Although I agree with you that people create their own problems when they drink, smoke, etc., I also believe that when they first start, it could have been they were weak-willed, peer pressure, an answer to depression, etc. so it's not always so black or white to just say, 'if you never smoked that first crack pipe, you wouldn't be shivering in the streets'.
    Either way, this is about comic books, so yeah, who's Captian Marvel again? Is he that dude who hangs out in the Rock of Etertnity?

  2. Derek! Good show. Not to beat the horse, but it's the same with smokers. "Ooohhh it's so hard to quit!". Really? Because it's that easy to START?? bleh. 😛

    Fun ep!

    1. You're talking to someone who quit cold turkey, so I have NEVER bought into the fact that smoking was difficult to quit.

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