5 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 265: Black Jack”

  1. http://animenewsnetwork.com/news/2008-06-28/shamo-manga-artist-sues-creator-for-150-million-yen

    Oh wow. Turns out I have more recommendations for you after all.

    1. Rainbow. Nope, it ain’t about fucking rainbows. Nope, it’s not exactly pretty either. You know how the HBO show OZ didn’t have a little girl finding a wizard? Same thing.

    2. Berserk. Think I’ve recommended this before. I’ve read a few of these after I had watched the abruptly ended (not canceled) anime. The book is the original, not the adaptation, and it kills me that the anime didn’t continue. Berserk has fairies (at least one), but this is not Sailor Moon. There is very little foolishness going on here, even if it is a fantasy series. This manga has been going on for YEARS. Dragonball and One Piece blush when Berserk comes around.

    The plot? I wont spoil it all (it starts in medias res, and then does some flashback) but basically a big dude who’s really good at cutting up people with his big sword encounters challenges that fuck him up bad. So instead of accepting his limitations, he goes on a bloody quest for revenge and gets better at killing.

    3. Sanctuary. I think I’ve recommended this before, so I’ll be brief: Japanese gangster drama.

  2. Urusawa owes SOMEONE a lot of money, because the American Comics community has taken to him in this little bubble of pro manga sentiment. I wish I could track it to the source.

    OH, BTW, have you read Fullmetal Alchemist? It gets goofy from time to time, so maybe Derek would not like it, but I think it might appeal to an American comic audience.

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