Comic Book Noise 279: Why I Despise Captain America

Host Derek Coward talks about Avengers vs X-Men #12 and why it reignited his dislike for the comic book version of Captain America. This episode contains a lot more potentially offensive language than usual, so please take that into consideration before listening to it.

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15 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 279: Why I Despise Captain America”

  1. hell yes god know where this nazi cap has come from but this last year it been crazy and mNOW! only looks to be worse

  2. I think the hypothetical complaining listener got it worse in this podcast than Cap.

    So, Derek, were you making Cyclops the dog in your Michael Vick analogy because you don't want him to have any credit for helming the all-new, all different, all-murderous x-force?

    Cap's a douche, but look how many "criminals" are on both sides. No wonder the X-men and Avengers have been brought together.

    They can compare body counts now.

    1. If you notice one thing, the character assassination of Cyclops started around the same time as the total douchification of Captain America. I would say that Marvel had been planning this for a long time, but I really don\’t think they give much long term thought into anything that isn\’t related to the comic books they make movies out of.

      1. It doesn't matter to them. They have stated many times that continuity is loose, and it can all be "fixed in post" like they did for Iron Man.

        1. It doesn\’t matter because they are making it up by pulling it out of their asses. They are owned by Disney now, why should they give a fuck? Marvel Studios can make all the movies they want because they ignore the comic books, just like the majority of the rest of the world. Creators keep saying that they shouldn\’t cater to the people who care about continuity, but they fail to realize that they are the ones who still give a shit about comic books.

          1. 1) The character assassination of cyclops began long before the point that you think Cap became a "douche". (Would you say Cap's a socialist and commie, too?) Cyclops has been dissed since the late 90s.

            2)200 thousand Marvel comic book "continuity" fans vs. 1 billion movie fans around the world. If I were an entertainment conglomerate, I'd cater to the bigger group, too.

          2. 1) No, I wouldn\’t say he\’s a socialist or commie, but he is definitely an imperialist and a bully. And a douche.

            2) Percentage wise, I would bet that more of the 200,000 read the Avengers comic book than the 1,000,000,000. You should cater to who gives you the money on a regular basis. That said, it bugs me that Marvel\’s Avengers Assemble book, which should be about the movie team, is adding dead weight like Spider-Woman.

    2. The hulk killed thousands In the late 80s, tony stark has killed hundreds of thousands! It always amused me how cap hates on magneto, but he has hulk and stark on his team!

  3. Um ok I can't even get through this… had to have made this as a joke because it is totally laughable. I love how you like to blame Steve for everything EVERYTHING. Well People aren't dog's People have free will. Even comic characters.

    1. Comic characters have free will? That\’s the dumbest thing I have heard in a long time. Thank you for not finishing. Now please do both of us a favor and unsubscribe.

      1. What Shel was trying to say is that the character of Steve Rogers is about personal freedom. The Registration Act is against that. Tony is a free market, corporation loving type of guy. Those people are actually against the workers and citizens having freewill. The only way people like Tony can rule is if there are subordinates. It makes total sense to have that character rep the SHRA and bump uglies with Maria Hill.

        1. The character of Steve Rogers may be intended to be personal freedom, but look at what he really does and you will see that it is clearly imperialism at best. He is a bully wrapped in a flag. There is very little difference between the way he is presented now and the way John Walker was presented in the 90s. The only one I can see is the lack of overt racism.

  4. I haven't listened to all of your argument on Cap and I am already in complete disagreement with you. 1. The whole reason he was against teh US Governments involvement with the registration is that he felt like it went against our basic freedoms. That is what CAP stands for. He was used as a tool and for propaganda with the U.S. Government and guess what, he didn't like it a bit. He is standing up for everyone's right to have their privacy. That is Cap 100%.

  5. Captain america is a glorified creep. From his involvement in the rape of ms marvel storyline, to allowing the hulk to kill thousands in the late 80s, to his humiliation of the reformed magneto. He’s the biggest jerk in marvel comics.

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