The Reason Why I Dropped Uncanny X-Men All Those Years Ago

For years I have mentioned that I was a huge Uncanny X-men fan/collector until they pissed me off with two issues that teased something that wouldn’t happen. I thought they both had “The Final Fate of An X-Man” on the title, but only one did.

Uncanny X-men 247 and 248
Uncanny X-men 247 and 248

Any way, I was pissed with issue 247 because it was so obviously written for her to come back one day and 248 felt such a bait and switch that I didn’t come back for issue 249. It felt like they were playing me for a fool (Not everyone just me in particular) and I was done. The never-ending subplots of Chris Claremont’s X-storytelling didn’t help either. Going forward I may have picked up an issue or two, but I didn’t get them regularly/add them to my pull list until Uncanny X-men 500, and that only lasted a couple of months before I got laid off and had to stop collecting altogether.

When I started collecting again, I stayed away from the X-Men because that whole corner of the Marvel universe just seems confusing and angry. It wasn’t until Marvel NOW! started up with All-New X-men and Uncanny X-Men that I have decided to bring them back to my list. Since modern day covers no longer tell you what to expect inside the books, I don’t think I will get turned away due to shenanigans like in the old days.

Have you ever been so turned off by the cover shenanigans of a comic series that it caused you to drop it? Let me know.

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