Comic Book Noise 290: The Nolan Batman Films

Host Derek Coward has finally watched all of the Christopher Nolan Batman trilogy and gives his opinion on them, Batman: Year One, Memento, Inception, and Marvel’s The Avengers.

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13 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 290: The Nolan Batman Films”

  1. Since you’ve brought it up, maybe The Dark Night Rises is a better tale of a failed integration program than it is a Batman film.

    I guess Lucius Fox got in under a quota, but then they tried to bus in Major Colvin, and he didn’t even make it over the bridge. Then they tried to sneak a black man in, and Bane was so pissed, he had the dude killed!

    If anyone was during his duties more out of obligation than joy, I think it’s Nolan, not Christian Bale as Batman. I liked all the movies, but this is the weakest one, and it feels like Nolan was kinda happy to be done with it, and he didn’t feel as interested in tightening up loose plot points, or securing the realism that people claim the series has.

    1. Actually I think they were both happy to be done. I\’ll be interested to see what each of them does next, and as long as it isn\’t superhero-related, I will be willing to check it out.

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