2 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 311: New Universe and Miracleman”

  1. Do you plan on buying any of the Miracle Man reprints? I have the entire Moore run from Eclipse as well as most of the Warror Magazine issues.I still plan to get the Marvel reprints primarily to see the stories with better coloring.

    I only have two or three issues of the Gaiman run but was not very impressed with his writing at that time.Maybe age will help me enjoy those stories more but anyone following Alan`s groundbreaking work will never seem quite as good.

    One last question,how do you see Miracle Man fitting into the Marvel universe proper? Will they try to make him more like his pale imitation, The Sentry? Or will they try something totally different?

    1. Yes, I plan on getting them. Not only is it a coloring thing, but also a \”Not wanting to mess up the originals\” thing.

      I liked the Gaiman/Buckingham run. NOTHING will ever compare to the Moore run, especially those issues with Totleben on the artwork, so I went in with the mindset that it would be different. I was still frustrated that it ended the way it ended and have been waiting for the next issue for decades.

      If Marvel was smart, they would keep him separate. The Miracleman universe is drastically different than the Marvel or DC universes and it wouldn\’t make sense to try and shoehorn him in there.

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