Comic Book Noise 315: Marvel’s Deal With Netflix

Host Derek Coward talks about Marvel’s deal with Netflix to develop four news series leading to a miniseries event and how that is part of Marvel’s cinematic strategy. He also gives an update on his offer for a new Comic Book Podcast Show.

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3 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 315: Marvel’s Deal With Netflix”

  1. (Wow, the fucking twitter/facebook sign-in still doesn’t work)

    The Video Game Podcast Show?? If I knew that was coming, I’d have my buddies send you a clip. They’d have to start in the middle of a conversation that makes no sense without context, though.

    You know, I’ve been catching up with the podcast, and you keep mentioning these- I don’t know if they’re a mixture of various comments or it’s a specific podcast- comments about small shows needing a push from the established shows.

    So I see so much wrong with that notion. First, who was there to give CGS or AC or Augie a boost? They started from square one and built a listenership. Second, who’s so butthurt over not having their free podcast promoted? So you want people who give up their free time to give some more time to promote your free podcast? Then I’m thinking “What if this podcast who’s dying for promotion isn’t all that good?”

    To my knowledge, it hasn’t happened yet, but what if you promote some show, then it turns out that this new show just starts spouting slurs against a group. You put your stamp on something that turned bad.

    Shows like CGS could promote every comics podcast out there, and it’s good for the vets to bring up the news. However, why does the newbie not have to scrape or struggle? This is why the older generation keeps screaming about those “damn kids.” What smaller, younger podcasts should be doing is looking up all the info available about how to better promote and podcast. A lot of the stumbling and experimenting has already been done for them, so getting better isn’t as difficult now.

    1. I thought I had the sign-in fixed, but since I didn’t I just got rid of it.

      The comments that I have been hearing have been more related to the lack of community between comic book podcasters and the fact that the veterans seem like an impenetrable clique. Since I can’t do anything but help promote other show, that was going to be my contribution.

      No one gave Augie, CCL, or CGS a boost because there was no one else doing what they were doing. They didn’t start from square one, they WERE square one. Most of them helped promote newer podcasts and podcasters for a long time. I had subscribers in the single digits before Comic Book Noise was mentioned on CGS and the exposure I was given helped immensely. Jamie D said it wasn’t his cup of tea and Peter liked it. For years, CGS helped give podcasters space on their forums, which helped give a lot of newer podcasters exposure. There’s even an Around Comics/CGS Forums link, but I’m not quite sure what it is.

      When I did a series of episodes promoting other shows (pre-Comic Book Podcast Show), I got a nasty email from someone who didn’t like the clip I used (that I got from their website) and said I probably did more harm to their show than good. So it happens. I also listen to every show I have ever gotten a clip used to promote other people’s podcasts for the reason you mentioned. Not every podcast is to my person tastes, but I know the difference between a good show and a bad one.

      However, this last attempt at a CBPS has convinced me that I have been wasting my time on newer podcasters. Going forward, I will help promote my stuff and those of my friends. I don’t care if this helps solidify the accusations of cliquery at all. At least I know who I can count on.

  2. So were these very recent comments? Let’s look at the landscape now. CGS: CGS always had the largest number of hosts, but I think they’re at, what, half that now? Around Comics: Officially done. Augie DiBlieck: Does he do an audio podcast anymore?

    The Comic Forums: It’s on it’s 4th version, I think, after those crashes. Who goes to forums now, anyway?

    The landscape has changed. Maybe these people who have issues with the veteran shows throwing them a plug or a link should go to the second or third generation of podcasters, rather than the biggest, oldest, names. Shows like CGS are still going, but they’re long in the tooth. Pants, the guy laughing hardest and loudest, threw in the towel. I honestly don’t know how much longer the show has. Could be 100 more eps, could be 1000 more.

    Comic News Insider is very old at this point. 11 O’Clock Comics is an offshoot/amalgamation of older podcasts, and its been on for years at this point. So I wonder why a young podcast can’t find ANY established podcast to forge a relationship with.

    I don’t know if I’m making a coherent point here, but the “Good Ol’ Days” of podcasting is done. When the comedians and celebs started realizing that podcasting was cool, we’ve turned yet another corner. Now people are trying to figure out how to make a profit off of podcasts. Maybe people are trying to tap into a community that doesn’t really exist anymore. I compare it to the nature of internet communities. when comics podcasting started, it was still about forums. Now we’re at twitter, facebook, and tumblr: solo personalities occasionally intermingling.

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