Comic Book Noise 334: Freshman Blues

Host Derek Coward talks about a hellish daydream he had, and some of the comic books with the cover date of December 1981.

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 334: Freshman Blues”

  1. So, I thought I was being somewhat random, but your suggestion put me firmly at the start of my comic collecting. Not the start of reading comics, just my actively collecting a title. I picked March 1996, which cover dates may or so, and that just so happens to be Daredevil 362. An issue where a female successor to Arcade seduces Foggy which makes DD suspicious, so he goes to an amusement park and faces down a mock showing of Bullseye killing Elektra. I was drawn in by the cover and the issue was drawn well too, though a one off in the series, really. #363 started the Kesel/Nord run which cemented my love of the series, and I reread that run probably once a year, so I doubt I would have all that much trouble recalling anything for proof. That said looking at some Spider-Man and Spider-Man 2099 covers (series which I was getting less frequently) I would have been hopelessly lost, I think Peter David’s run on 2099 was coming to a close at that point, and so could have relatively closely predicted that.

    I suppose I wouldn’t have had much trouble going back to freshman year, I am disabled and so I had a woman who helped me get from class to class, kept books, etc. So it wouldn’t have been too much of a nightmare, and I would have grown up enough not to be as much of an asshole as I usually was, so I might have even enjoyed the revisit. maybe.

    1. Oh man, I looked at some of the covers from that month and I would still be in trouble. I guess my memory for comic books as they relate to covers isn’t as good as I thought.

      The not being as much of an asshole thing came to mind as well, but I was such an asshole to him (specifically) that I don’t know if he would have been able to see past anything other than cold hard facts. Again, he had (has) good reason for that.

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