Comic Book Noise 374: News From NYCC, Archie Comics, and The Bare Minimum

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about some of the stuff he finds interesting coming out of NYCC 2014, the awesomeness that is the current Archie Comic Company, and the type of information he feels is the bare minimum to listen to Comic Book Noise

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2 thoughts on “Comic Book Noise 374: News From NYCC, Archie Comics, and The Bare Minimum”

  1. Derek! About Reed/NYCC: CGS was one of the podcasts that helped promote the show for their first year in 2006. And then starting with the second year, they started giving podcasts tables to set up and have a presence. Which was great. But even by that second year, they definitely did not need podcasting to promote the show. They chose to work with podcasting because they understood the value of direct reach to listeners. Plus it was all new media at the time. And then they gave Podcasting a dedicated space for the third year – again for free – and for free for a few more years after that. They gave up valuable space at their con for podcasting. All in exchange for sponsorship. I can not fault Reed or NYCC for no longer having a podcasting presence. In the last few years, they charged podcasters for tables, but a super great discount.

    For years they gave up prime real estate for us. Did all of the podcasts properly give them sponsorship? On their podcast and website and forums? Did those podcasts do interviews with creators who would appear at NYCC? Did they do interviews at the con? And also after? No podcaster should be annoyed with Reed no longer having a dedicated space. They did not have to do that – and I was surprised it took them this long to stop.

    Keep in mind all the press passes that go out as well. They aren’t cheap. On CGS we did all kinds of things to promote NYCC before during and after. I can’t think of any other podcast that could do that much promotion – either because we had more people, more shows, more listeners – whatever. So if WE aren’t mad about NYCC stopping the podcast presence, really no one should be. Is that a little pretentious? Probably. Haha. I dunno – if someone is really speaking ill of Reed for that decision, after years of getting in for free and having a booth space, I think they aren’t really evaluating the tit for tat that went on.

    Whew. That was more than I thought I would write. Haha.

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Peter. I only barely mentioned them on the site and show because I knew I would never attend the show, but still wanted to help. I also didn\’t follow what was going on too closely so the impression I got was one year they were friendly and the next podcasters were treated like a one night stand when the sun came up. Of course, now thinking back on the people doing most of the complaining, I should have known there was something off about their version of events.

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