Nine Quick Reviews – 12/18/2007

By Derek
December 19, 2007

I’m still reading a huge pile of comics from the past few weeks.

Avengers: The Initiative Annual 1 – Excellent book. It did what an annual should do. Details about characters that might not fit into the regular series were revealed. This book was not a ‘must read’ but was instead a ‘want to read’, which in the long run is a lot better type of book. Most of all, I didn’t feel ripped off in the least when I was done reading it. Rating: I was definitely recommend it to others.

Potter’s Field 3 (of 3) - Issue 1 was the best comic book I read all year. I couldn’t find 2 anywhere. I’m not 100% sure how they got from 1 to 3, but it was still a very good read. Rating: I was glad that picked it up.

Justice Society of America 11 – The last issue really turned me off of the title and I was going to drop it soon, but this issue gave it a bit of a reprieve. Rating: I didn’t hate it.

Justice League of America 15 – Great ending to the storyline started in the Justice League of America Wedding Special. I liked a lot of the little touches that McDuffie brings to the book (such as Black Canary giving Firestorm training during the middle of a fight). One thing that I find interesting (mostly because I cannot remember the answer to the question), is this the first time that FOUR black heroes have been on the same DC team at the same time? Rating: I would definitely recommend it to others.

Black Summer 4 - This is the first issue in the series (including issue zero) that didn’t have that ‘edge of the seat’ feeling to it. Black Summer is still one of the best books out there. Rating: I would definitely recommend it to others.

Abyss 2 (of 4) - Red 5 Comics has not let me down yet. I’m really enjoying this series and I cannot wait to see which direction the story goes in next. The ‘reveal’ at the end was a little predictable, but as I have said before, sometimes predictable just means ‘makes sense’. Rating: I would definitely recommend it to others.

Countdown Arena 1 and 2 - This is the one Countdown crossover that I REALLY wanted to like. I think that the premise is an interesting one, but the problem is that even though these characters are all familiar (to a point) unless I read every Elseworlds title that has ever come out, I don’t know who these people are. You can say Batman vs Batman vs Batman, but since you have already established there is more than one Batman, letting me know which Batman was fighting which Batman would have been nice. Also, I am not the world’s biggest Captain Atom fan (I gave up on his title when Broderick left the book) but I really cannot see him as a genocidal maniac. This preoccupation that both of the Big Two have with ramping up the body count to establish whether a villain is Big Time or not, is getting irritating. I’d rather have them commit acts that meant something rather than the quick destruction of a continent of people that I have no vested interest in. Rating: Unless you are a completist, don’t bother.

World War Hulk: Aftersmash 1 – This is an epilogue to World War Hulk and already I’m confused with what I read. In this title, they claim that a member of the Warbound committed the crime that started WWH, but in issue five, that same character said that they watched as others committed the crime and didn’t do anything to stop it. Is this a retcon already? I liked how they set up the Warbound miniseries and I’m curious about what they are going to do with Misty Knight. Rating: I was glad I picked it up.


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