Comic Book Noise 487: Gotham, The Bubble, and Merchandise For Girls

Host Derek Coward talks about getting caught up on Gotham, news of a Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD spin-off and what that means for the superhero bubble, Avengers Age of Ultron merchandise and how girls are being left out of the fun.

Comic Book Noise 486: Daredevil, Convergence, and Suicide Risk

Host Derek Coward talks about criticism of the Daredevil TV show, Convergence and Aquaman, and Suicide Risk from Boom Studios.

Comic Book Noise 485: A Spoiler and Two Trailers

Host Derek Coward talks about a spoiler for the latest episode of Arrow as well as his feelings on two recent movie trailers.

Let It Fly 15 – The Devil is in the Details

In this episode, host Aaron Macom discusses Daredevil and VHS tapes.
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Comic Book Noise 484: Meant More Dead

Host Derek Coward talks about a few characters that have meant more dead and how the return of one has changed the way a lot of comic book readers react to some stories.

Comic Book Noise 482: No Mercy #1

Host Derek Coward talks about the latest news regarding the Wonder Woman movie, Tupac, John Singleton, Far Cry 3, and No Mercy #1 from Image Comics.

Comic Book Noise 481: Wonder Woman and Daredevil

Host Derek Coward gives a spoiler filled look at his last issue of Wonder Woman and a spoiler free look at the new Daredevil TV show from Netflix.

Comic Book Noise Presents: Convergence Week 1

Host Derek Coward talks about the books he read from the first week of DC’s Convergence event: Convergence 0, Convergence 1, Convergence: The Question, Convergence: Speed Force 1, Convergence: Superman 1, Convergence: Justice League 1, Convergence: Batgirl 1, Convergence: Harley Quinn 1, Convergence: The Titans 1, Convergence: Nightwing-Oracle 1, Convergence: The Atom 1, and Convergence: Batman and Robin 1

Comic Book Noise 480: Clarifying DC

Host Derek Coward talks about Daredevil, clarifies his position on DC, reveals his first brush with snitches, and ends the show very abruptly.