Comic Book Noise 385: Us Versus Them

Host Derek Coward returns with a talk about the comic book television shows he has seen this week (relatively spoiler free) and the stupefying continuation of the Us Versus Them mentality in comic book fandom.

Comic Book Noise 384: A Little More About The Upcoming Superhero Movies

Host Derek Coward talks a little more about the upcoming superhero movies and goes into more detail about his excitement level.

Comic Book Noise 383: Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase 3

Host Derek Coward returns with some meaningless conjecture and irresponsible speculation about the Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Three.

Comic Book Noise 382: Catching up on my Recent Reads

Host Derek Coward talks about the latest additions and subtractions from his reading pile.

The New 52 Futures End 01

Comic Book Noise: Future’s End 01

Host Derek Coward returns with a look at the first issue of The New 52: Future’s End.

Comic Book Noise 381: Lack of Diversity In The Big Two

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the lack of diversity in the Cinematic and Comic universes of the Big Two comic book companies.

Comic Book Noise 380: Gorgon, The Band Aid, Batman, and Pluto

Host Derek Coward returns (in a good mood) to talk about the newest character on the Avengers Alliance game he plays, some thoughts on DC’s upcoming Band Aid, a woefully underutilized character called Batman, Astro Boy, Pluto, and what reimagining means to him.

Comic Book Noise 379: Griping About Kickstarters

Host Derek Coward returns to gripe about Kickstarters.

Comic Book Noise 378: Changing Superheroes

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the end of the current Wonder Woman and other superhero comics where the main characters weren’t really superheroes.