Comic Book Noise 721: Indecision

Host Derek Coward talks about the indecision he feels about this year’s Dog Days of Podcasting challenge, his disappointment with the Big Two, people who don’t answer the question asked, and the Fantastic Four.
Fantastic Four

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Comic Book Noise 718: Loans, Larsen, Paste, and Spider-Man

Host Derek Coward talks a piece of email that made him laugh, why Erik Larsen is skipping San Diego, butchers an article on exclusive contracts, gives his opinion on someone else’s argument against reality, and talks briefly about the next year of Spider-Man stories.

Spider-Man vs The Zodiac

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Comic Book Noise 717: Triggers, Faces, Clerks, and Generations

Host Derek Coward talks about a lot of things in a very stream of consciousness way. There was something about The Invaders, Morena Baccarin, Olivier Coipel, Sovereign 7, and a bunch of other stuff.

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Comic Book Noise 716: Minicomics and The Coward Collection

Host Derek Coward clarifies what he meant about selling some comics for a dollar and why he finds it hard to sell his comics. He also struggles to remember A Lonely Place of Dying.
Robin 2 Jokers Wild by Matt Wagner

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