Comic Book Noise 455: Crisis On Multiple Earths and The All Star Squadron

Host Derek Coward talks about the Crisis On Multiple Earths trade paperback he owns guest starring The All Star Squadron.

Comic Book Noise 454: Jeff Lemire’s Legion of Super-Heroes

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the latest issue of Justice League United.

Comic Book Noise 453: No Mercy Preview

Host Derek Coward talks about receiving his new comics, the book he added to his pull list as well as the two he removed.

Comic Book Noise 452: Nimoy and Resetting Universes

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the passing of Leonard Nimoy, his favorite work by the man, and somehow that leads into his talking about resetting universes.

Let It Fly Episode 10 – Evolving

Host Aaron Macom discusses Alias, super hero movies, molten metal and aeriel photography

Comic Book Noise 451: Arrow, Domino, and Marvel’s Avengers Alliance

Host Derek Coward talks about missing Arrow, Domino cast in the upcoming Deadpool movie, and the latest in the Facebook game Marvel’s Avengers Alliance. He gets it done in less than 4 minutes (not counting theme music). The episode is short but sweet.

Comic Book Noise 450: The Waynes and Uncle Ben

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about Gotham, why he doesn’t care about the Waynes, why he likes Uncle Ben, and something else but couldn’t remember while writing the shownotes.

Comic Book Noise 449: What Does Agent Carter Have That Lois Lane Doesn’t?

Host Derek Coward talks about the latest episode of The Flash, Marvel’s Agent Carter, the upcoming Aka Jessica Jones show, and the nonexistent Lois Lane television show.

Comic Book Noise 448: Advice To Comic Book Podcasters

Host Derek Coward tried to subscribe to a couple of new podcasts but ran into a couple of problems, so instead of just complaining about it on Facebook, he decided to complain about it on Facebook AND record a podcast with some advice for comic book podcasters. This episode contains almost no comic book talk but he didn’t want to make it a Not Comic Book Noise episode because fewer people might listen.