Comic Book Noise 436: Top News Stories of The Week

Host Derek Coward returns with his look at the top news stories of the week.

Comic Book Noise 435: Rambling Ramblings

I almost didn’t post this episode because when I finished the recording, I thought it came off as excessively rambly without a lot of content. I’m posting it anyway as an example of the type of thing I usually just delete, but if you decide to skip it, my feelings won’t be hurt.

Let It Fly 06 – Milestone, Heavy Metal and FF

Host Aaron Macom talks about the return of MileStone Comics, Heavy Metal and the FF trailer.

Comic Book Noise 434: The Disease, Gotham, and The Flash

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about The Disease one shot, the latest episode of The Flash and the latest episode of Gotham.

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Comic Book Noise 433: Cyclops, Letter 44, Jessica Jones, and the Fantastic Four Teaser Trailer

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the new Cyclops series by Greg Rucka, Letter 44 from Oni Press and how it compares to The Comet Clement, Jessica Jones casting news, and his first impressions of the new Fantastic Four movie teaser trailer.

Comic Book Noise 432: Regular Show and Fear Itself

Host Derek Coward briefly talks about The Regular Show Mordecai Collection, and the “Point” issues of Fear Itself.

Comic Book Noise 431: Fear Itself Thoughts

Host Derek Coward returns to talk about the 2011 Marvel event Fear Itself, and gives an update on Marvel’s Avengers Alliance.

Comic Book Noise 430: Top Five News Stories of The Week

Host Derek Coward returns to try something new for the show.

Comic Book Noise 429: Summary and Arrow

Host Derek Coward returns for a final summary about his thoughts on pushing away older readers and talks about the John Diggle character on Arrow.