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Star Wars Mashups

The Wall Street Journal has a blog posting outlining a project from LucasFilms to release clips from the Star Wars franchise so that users can create mashups. There are a few catches, such as no nudity or sexually explicit material, which is totally understandable. Each user generated video will be screened by a team in Costa Rica (?).

Although TPTB say that this is being done for the 30th Anniversary, take care to read the first line of the very last paragraph to see why this is really being done. Given Lucas’ tight rein on his intellectual property it is nice to see that he is allowing others to play in his sandbox, but I wish that it wasn’t being done as if it were some great big favor to us.

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Public apology for DC 52 No. 50

I want to make a public apology for the mistakes in the DC 52 Week 50 and World War 3 episode that I recorded with Tim. As you heard, I recorded everything that was said from the time I called you. When we were finished, I created a backup wav file and edited the original Audacity recording to remove our conversation at the beginning and a few other things along the way. I then exported the recording to another wav file. I took my external hard drive which holds all of my recordings over to Patti’s machine.

At Patti’s machine I took the first wav and ran it through Levelator, which got rid of a lot of the sound level issues that we had. Then I exported it to 52-50.mp3, filled in the ID3 tags and uploaded it to the server. Later I changed the RSS feed and the file was available for download. Since I was done I deleted all of the recordings except for 52-50.mp3. I had listened to the file at least three times, so I didn’t even bother listening to the mp3 again.

If you read the about paragraphs carefully, you will see that I created a backup file, edited the original file, then processed the backup file as if it were the original.

A lot of the things we talked about were not meant to be heard by anyone else but us. I also did not mean for us to spoil anything for 52 52 on this episode.

I apologize to anyone who heard the episode and I especially apologize to Tim. It was bad Quality Control and my part and I take 100% responsibility for it.

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What should be in the feed?

I have been wondering what you think should be in the feed to which you are subscribed.� Currently I have it restricted to the last 30 shows (anything older than that and you can visit the website), but that deals with the number of items and not the actual content.

Here is a better explanation of the poll choices:

1.� Just Comic Book Noise.� This is the original show only.� No THOOM.� No Rocky Mountain Comic Book Noise.� No Not Comic Book Noise. No Comic Book Noise Bytes.� No DC 52/Countdown shows.� No Extravaganza shows.� No Comic Book Noise Talk.� No Geek Brunch.� No Asked And Answered.� No Comic Book Noise Movie Reviews.� No extra shows of any kind.

2.� All of the Comic Book Noise family shows.� This is the original show as well as THOOM, RMCBN and Geek Brunch.

3.� All Comic Book Noise and those special shows.� � Everything that is currently in the feed as well as shows that I have in the works.� In other words, read Option 1, but remove the word ‘No’

4.� Whatever you want to put in there.� I hope I don’t have to explain this one.

Right now I am still feeling that Post-52 euphoria and I want to embrace the world and listen to the opinions of everyone.� I think we all know that this bit of dementia won’t last long so speak up now while I’m still in the mood.

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DC 52 No. 52

A look at DC 52 week 52. 53 minutes.

Download Here

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DC 52 No. 51

I am once again joined by Tim Terrell and we take a look at DC 52 week 51. 43 minutes.

Download Here

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Last Quarter Update

Today Stephen had another appointment for an x-ray because of the appointment tomorrow with the pediatric gastrointestinal specialist.

The quarter is gone. We missed it in his diapers so we cannot have it encased in plastic and hung on the wall, but that’s OK.

I knew that my boy would come through in the end. (bad joke, I know).

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