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Angelina Jolie in Wanted

I know that I’m a little late with this (Link:, but Academy Award winner Angelina Jolie will be appearing in the upcoming Paramount film ‘Wanted.’ For those of you who do not know, Wanted (Link: is based on an Image miniseries written by Mark Millar with art by JG Jones.

She plays “an assassin who teaches the ropes to the wannabe killer.” I’m assuming that she will be playing The Fox. I have no problem with that, I think she is a very good actress when she wants to be and the character will allow her to cut loose instead of being the “cool chick” she has been playing in the past few movies that I have seen her in.

My problem is with the fact that the character was reportedly based on Halle Berry. Why not get Halle Berry (or someone who looks like her) to play the part is actually not the crux of my problem. I want to know where are all of the Anti-PC crowd who always moan and complain whenever the race or sex of a character is changed in a reinterpretation of whatever they hold “holy”. The same guys who were complaining about the new Starbuck and Boomer on BSG. The same guys who complained about the new Firestorm being black or the new Blue Beetle being Hispanic or the new Batwoman being a lesbian. The same guys who way back when complained about a black Vulcan being on Star Trek: Voyager existing. The same guys who start a sentence with “I don’t like being politically correct…” before they say some racist, sexist, homophobic crap that should get them cursed out, but who somehow think that they can win the argument by saying “See, I knew your politically correct crowd wouldn’t get it.”

Personally, I don’t care who plays the part because I’m going to see the movie when it comes out on DVD anyway. I’m just waiting for the next time a gender/ethnic/sexual orientation switch happens because I want to see who comes out complaining. I want to know where those guys are at? Do you think they’ve even noticed or do you think they are busy saying “At last, we got one back.”

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Comic Book Noise 75: Comic Book Podcasts Part 2

Fallout from the last episode
a look at Flash issues 1-9
the return of the Random Comic Review (sort of)
Stick Figure Noise
a change to the contest
a look at Comic Book Noise, Comic News Insider, Comic Talk Cafe, Comicology, Comic Timing and Comics Radar
also an audio Top Five from Peter Rios.

69 minutes.

Download Here

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Comic Book Noise Talks 2 and 3: Christopher Neseman and Mike Myers

I decided to put both shows up at once.

The conversation with Christopher Neseman is the same one that was in Comic Book Noise 74. It’s just in standalone form.

The conversation with Mike Myers is a new conversation that took place a few weeks before the Comic Book Noise Family Get-Together. Funny story behind this one. After I logged off with Mike, I started processing an episode of Deliberate Noise, which usually takes over a hour. Around half of the way into it, I saw that Tim Terrell connected to Skype. If I wasn’t already right in the middle of processing, the Family Get-Together would have happened a lot sooner than it did.

Episode 2 Download
Episode 3 Download

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Brandon Routh to star in JLA?

According to Cinematical (Link:, Movie Hole is reporting a rumor that 2009’s Superman Returns sequel ‘The Man Of Steel’ is being delayed so that Brandon Routh can star in the upcoming JLA movie (Link: Both articles have pretty good commentary and opinions about that particular scenario.

To me, it makes sense. A lot of people didn’t think that Routh was able to carry Superman Returns, so it makes sense to spread the wealth a little bit. It’s a bit disappointing that Batman reportedly is too big for the project, but I would be surprised if he didn’t make at least a cameo.

This also solves the problem about the next Superman movie villain. Now, they can easily use Darkseid because he is a threat that is too large for one hero. They can pretty much ignore the rest of the Fourth World characters until a sequel because Darkseid is just so imposing. Plus if Darkseid becomes the breakout character of a JLA vs Darkseid movie (and I think that it’s possible, after all Darth Vader was the coolest thing about the original Star Wars), I wouldn’t mind if Warner Brothers decided to make a series of Fourth World movies. Yeah, I’m dreaming, but don’t wake me up.

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Possible Superman Returns sequel villains

According to IGN, Bryan Singer will direct a World War II thriller for Tom Cruise’s United Artists (link: This will effectively postpone any work he may do on a sequel to Superman Returns. The article also proposes that there may not even be a sequel for Superman Returns, saying “the very expensive film is generally considered to have underperformed at the box office.” IGN also mentions that Warner Brothers’ announcement of a JLA film (link: could mean the end of the new Superman franchise.

There is also a Brandon Routh quote at the end of the article where it seems that General Zod will not be the villain of the sequel, if there is indeed one. Personally, I hope that any sequel will be more action packed and features villains that haven’t been used before in previous Superman movies. I like Lex Luthor as a villain, but with him appearing in four of the five previous films as well as the ‘Lois and Clark’ and ‘Smallville’ television shows, I think we get the point-HE’S SUPERMAN’S GREATEST FOE!!!

Now, let somebody else take a turn at Supes. But who?

Bizarro would be cool, but an evil Superman is too much like the end of Superman III.
Brainiac has so many iterations that I would be hardpressed to pick one.
Cyborg is boring because as long as there is technology around he will always come back.
Darkseid would make for an action packed movie, but you’d need a movie just to introduce him and the rest of the Fourth World properly.
Doomsday was created to kill Superman. Unless they were going to make a ‘Death of Superman’ movie, I wouldn’t introduce him to the movie-verse.
Eradicator would also be cool, but once again it would take a lot to introduce him properly.
Metallo is one of my least favorite Superman villains simply because they used him to death in the cartoons and he seems like a one trick pony.
Mongul would be perfect but there aren’t enough other superheroes in the movie-verse to help take on Warworld and you have to have Warworld. Plus nobody really knows who he is outside of comics fans.
Mr. Mxyzptlk would bring humor to the franchise. That much humor shouldn’t be in the franchise. Remember Richard Pryor? Not the comedic genius Richard Pryor, but the a-hole on the roller skates on the roof Richard Pryor. I thought you did.
Silver Banshee would be a good opening villain. That villain at the beginning of the movie who gets beat in a matter of minutes so that the movie can have a hot opening, but not for the rest of the two hours.
Titano. Puh-leeze. I won’t even dignify that with a remark.
Toyman. Puh-fuggin-leeze. I won’t even dignify that with my utter disdain for even bringing him up.
Zod is just going back to the well. Besides, every time an attempt is made to make Zod a worthy villain, it fails. The only version that ever worked was Terence Stamp’s version and he’s a little too long in the tooth to play someone who could go up against Routh’s Man of Steel.

The only other alternative that I can think of would be to create a new villain, but we all saw how well that went in Superman IV: A Quest For Peace. Or they could have him take on gangsters, saboteurs and terrorists. Wait, forget that, George Reeve already did that.

Who would you like to see take on the Man of Steel?

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Question about DC 52 shows

I have been putting out a LOT of new episodes and I worry about flooding the RSS feed and people either deleting them without listening (wasting bandwidth and time) or even worse, unsubscribing because they feel as though they will not get caught up.

I was thinking about just putting them up on the website and leaving them as a website exclusive feature. That way the people who WANT to hear them can hear them and the people who don’t can stick with the rest of the shows.

Any suggestions?

You can also vote in the poll on the sidebar.

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Comic Book Noise Family Get Together No. 1

Join Mike Myers, Tim Terrell and Derek Coward for the first Comic Book Noise Get-Together featuring reviews of Brother Bedlam, Pistolfist, True Story Swear To God, a discussion on Civil War 7 and Civil War Frontline 11 and much much more. 104 minutes.

Download Here

Sites Discussed:
Tom Beland’s website
Alias Comics
Desperado Publishing

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Why would you want your wife/girlfriend to read comics?

We’ve all seen those idiotic forum threads "How can I get my wife/girlfriend to read comic books", but I have a question "WHY in the world would you want her to read comic books?"

And don’t give me that crap about evangelizing the hobby, because I notice that not a lot of people post "How can I get my next door neighbor to read comic books?" or "How I can get my boss to read comic books?" And yes, I’m making the assumption that your next door neighbor/boss is a man.

Personally I am one of those people that Jimmie Robinson said wasn’t doing enough to help comics (Do a Google search on ’Jimmie Robinson’ ’Bomb Queen’ ’new messiah’ to get the full text of what he said.) and I am unrepentant about that. It’s not my job get anyone to read any comics. I’m not even going to do comic book recommendations anymore. I’ll do reviews, but as for the whole "You should go out and get this issue/title" because it’s not something I want to do. I’ll tell you what I think about comics, but it’s up to you on whether or not you want to read it. Or shove it in your wife/girlfriend’s face and say "Here honey, you’ll like this."

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