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2 People Talking 80: Derek Loves Talking With His Daughter Jaymie

While Angela is taking some well deserved time off, Derek Coward has enlisted the help of his oldest daughter Jaymie to talk about what it was like growing up his child, the only two comic books she has remembered reading, the movie Catfish, the daytime routine of a single mother, and the Wendy Williams TV show. There is also a very brief cameo by his other daughter Jazmyn.

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2 People Talking 76: Angela Loves The Super Mario Bros. Super Show

Hosts Derek Coward and Angela talk about the death of Robert Schimmel, sneaking food into movie theaters, The American with George Clooney, the animated Wonder Woman film, comic books, The Super Mario Bros. TV show, podcast recommendations and giveaways.

UPDATE: Since it was pointed out to me that I forgot to add the Wonder Woman picture as album art…

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2 People Talking 75: Derek Loves Eating Vicariously Through Others

Hosts Derek Coward and Angela talk about pictures in the wild, new comics, Madame Xanadu, Homicide: A Year On The Killing Streets (not Fields), Treme, Incredible Hulk scans, Avengers comic books, Daytripper trades vs issues, how to hack a bag sale, new schools and birthday parties, TV shows, Louis CK, Veronica Mars vs Buffy and breakfast recommendations.

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2 People Talking 74: Derek Loves Fashion

In a relatively short show, hosts Derek Coward and Angela talk about comic books, Power Girl, Youth In Revolt, Michael Cera movies, Simon Baker hate, Inglorious Basterds grew hair, The Expendables, Steven Seagal and action movies.

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2 People Talking 73: Derek Loves Being Bald

Hosts Derek Coward and Angela talk about Magic Johnson, The Magic Hour, cats, buying an iPhone 4, comic books, Image United, movies, Nicolas Cage, DC animated films, Bubba Ho-Tep, evil cable companies, the joys of having no hair and Scott Pilgrim vs The Expendables.

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