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Comic Book Noise 817: Changes To Comic Book Noise

Host Derek Coward goes into details about the changes to the format of Comic Book Noise. There is more comic book related talk than you might think.

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Comic Book Noise 813: Shinobi Ninja Princess, Cash and Carry, and Center of Somewhere

Host Derek Coward talks about some of the books he picked up from Heroescon 2017 and breaks a personal rule about recommending books done by his friends.

Shinobi Ninja Princess #4 cover

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Comic Book Noise 811: The Spectre: Crimes and Judgments

Warning: Host Derek Coward talks about a Spectre trade paperback and gets the name of the book wrong. As in completely and utterly wrong. So wrong it is not even funny. That’s how wrong it is. So very wrong.

Spectre Crimes and Judgments

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