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Comic Book Noise 733: Batman and The Outsiders and The New Teen Titans

Host Derek Coward talks about a new/old direction for the show, and somehow ends up talking about Batman and The Outsiders as well as The New Teen Titans.
BATO / NTT Crossover

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Comic Book Noise 728: More Suicide Squad Thoughts

On the eleventh anniversary of the Deliberate Noise Network, host Derek Coward talks more about his thoughts on the movie Suicide Squad, real locations for fictional towns, how far back you have to go to get another DC movie he liked as much, and why “Not my Superman” doesn’t make sense to him.

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Comic Book Noise 727: Suicide Squad Parking Lot Review

Host Derek Coward talks about the 2016 film ‘Suicide Squad’ while sitting in the parking lot of the theater.
suicide squad

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