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Comic Book Noise No. 43 is now online

Recommendations for the book/podcast ‘Brave Men Run’ and two comic books, Top 5 Series that were cancelled before #10, and I have a message for a particular listener. 34 minutes.

Here is the direct link: Download Here

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Comic Book Noise No. 40 is now online

A recommendation for a GREAT podiobook, my Top Five Favorite Speedsters featuring comments by Peter Rios, Bruce Rosenberger and special guest extraordinaire David A Price. 38 minutes.

Here is the direct link for the podcast: Download Here

Links mentioned:
The Seventh Son podiobook podcast
Comic Geek Speak podcast
Bruce Rosenberger’s Komicskast podcast
The online home of David A Price (“special guest star extraordinaire”)

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Not Comic Book Noise No. 2

A test of the new microphone and my Top Five Nicest Guys in Podcasting. 9 minutes

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Podcasts mentioned on this show:
Sci-Fi Dig
Collected Comics Library
Zaldor’s World
Plan Nine Rock Show
Comic Geek Speak
My MySpace Page
Most People Are DJs
Practically Happy
Detroit Podcasters Network

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Comic Book Noise No. 38 online

This episode concludes the movie series with my top five favorite Non Superhero Comic Book movies. There is a special interview as well as an appearance by Aaron Macom of the SciFiDig podcast. 27 minutes.

Here is the direct download for the podcast: Download Link
Here is the same file encoded at a lower rate (smaller): Download Link

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Mars Attacks Alien

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