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Comic Book Noise 69 is online

Top Five Comic Book Revivals. 33 minutes.

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Comic Book Noise 67 is online

Random Comic Review of Scout No. 21, Discussion about Bullpen Bulletins No. 12, a report on the Mid-Ohio Comic Convention, Podcast recommendation for Geek Syndicate and I respond to Jimmie Robinson. 57 minutes.

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Comic Book Noise 60 is online

Comic Book Noise Gumbo featuring discussions on delays, parties, advice for new comics podcasters, album art, The Noisys, SciFiDig, Comic Geek Speak, Peter Rios, Wizard World Chicago, responsibility, reviews of independent comics, reviews of small press comics, reviews of selfpublished comics, eBay, scripts and overviews of my comic book, transitions and a New Top Five List. 30 minutes

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Comic Book Noise 59 is online

News and Notes, Random Comic Review of XO-Manowar No. 42, A look at the mailbag and the Contest for the Exterminators trade paperback starts. 47 minutes.

Here are the files:
Regular version
Dial-up version
Just the contest portion only

Links mentioned:
Comic Book Savant website
Lea Hernandez’s Live Journal
Comics Fairplay

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Comic Book Noise 57 is online

Comic Book Noise 57 is online featuring a Random Comic Review of Thor 400, my appearance on Comic Timing 12, More information on The Noisy Awards, I announce a new contest, I go over the first batch of survey results and I unleash my secret weapon. 57 MINUTES!!!!

Here is are the downloads:
Regular version
Dialup version

Thor 400

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Comic Book Noise 55 is online

Top Five Favorite Mysteries. Top Five Least Favorite Mysteries. A recommendation while on the road and I make an announcement about an upcoming project. 52 minutes

The website for the Silent Universe can be found here

Comic Book Noise is a member of the Comics Podcasts Network

Here is the direct download:
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Lower bitrate version

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Comic Book Noise 51 is online

The Random Comic Review of Sword of the Atom Special #3 and I answer some email. Special guest stars Aaron Macom of SciFiDig and Mike M (of Mike M’s Weekly Reads). 47 minutes.

Here is the direct download of the podcast:
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Here is a lower-bitrate version

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