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A look at comic books and other pop culture subjects hosted by Lorrie Thomas.

Comic Book Road Show 10: It’s Off To The Races!!!

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Lorrie Thomas and Mark Coleman







Topic: Christmas came early this year!

Cool things this week:

Bay Meadows race track closed its doors this weekend.


Main Topic: COMICS!!!!


Main topic:

The Dafixer is Awesome! Or how I got to own and read some really cool books.


Geek Rant: Who Can Stand Alone



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Comic Book Road Show 9: What A Week To Be Geek

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Show notes:

CBRS is hosted by Lorrie Thomas and Mark Coleman


News and Announcements:

1. Geek Girl Blog at Superheros-r-us.
2. New forum at the Comics forum.
3. Women’s Roundtable on Identity Crisis.
4. New podcast: Podcasting After Dark.

Show Title:

What a week to be geek.

Geek Rant:

No money, no comics!


Review of comics bought this week.

Batman: Detective #847
Final Crisis#3

DC’s new re-vamped website


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Comic Book Road Show 8: It’s Not Easy Being Geek

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Timestamp: 00:00
PRA for Josh Medors by Damian Smith.
Quick note from CBRS to show support for this effort.


Hosts: Lorrie Thomas and Mark Coleman

Show Title: It’s not easy being geek!

Show Topics:
I believe this is a bad movie: Review of X-Files: I want to believe.

I ate way to much garlic and I just about died and oh we saved our friends life: The turkey bone that just won’t go down or up.
Mark and I are foodies and wanted to share some of our wine tasting adventures with the listeners today.

Wine Tasting:
Almond Champagane by Fortino Winery..Not bad, had a great nose and some tannins that rocked.
Pomegranate by Casa De Fruta…Great flavor and lots of ideas on how to serve.. Sangria came to mind.
Ruby Zinfadel by Hecker Pass Winery..Wow, what a great head and some amazing cherry and blackberry undertones.
Chateau de Garlic by Rapazzini Winery…Uh, NO! This tasted like pure garlic in truest form. Never again.
Palate Cleanser: Pinot Grigio by Guglielmo Winery..Stuff tasted link flat soda but it did the trick.

Batman: The Dark Knight review.
1. What we liked.
2. What we thought was not good.
3. What could be the next villain.
4. What could be the next superhero movie and how should it be done.

Comics that I got this week.
Ok..Book that came out last week and before that I could not get until now:

Action Comic #862
Ms. Marvel #27, a Secret Invasion crossover..good stuff.
Wonder Woman #21 and #22…Still on board but I do have questions.
Huntress #5 of 6…Wow! Great story so far.
Gotham Underground #7 of 9…Boy oh by is this a corker!
Batman: Detective Comics #846…Um..did I miss something here guys?

Comics that I got this week:

Trinity#8..The ride is on!
Legion of Super-Heros#44…Score!
The Immortal Iron Fist#17 (BOOK OF THE WEEK)
The New Avengers#43..Can you say SI#1 redo?
The Brave and The Bold#15..Meh! Nothing special move along now quietly.
Robin#175…Nothing to see here folks, just Tim trying to fill his daddy’s shoes.
Green Lantern Corps#26..Do not mess with the corp, they will beat you and have Guy leading the GL march all on your behind. I mean it is really good and I liked the pretty colors to.
Tarot#50..Wow, wiccian witches rock and then some.

Main Topic: Best geek moments in your life.

Closing thoughts

The End.

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Comic Book Road Show 7: Trailers, Heroes, Monk and Psych (SPOILERS IN POST)

Time stamp: 00:00
Intro: Lorrie Thomas and Mark Coleman
Spoiler filled podcast

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Welcome to CBRS:
-Thank you to Racer Hex for new show logo.
-Announcement about CBRS Women’s Roundtable
-A quarterly roundtable that show a woman’s view on comics and sci-fantasy.
-First topic is: Identity Crisis
-Panel is to made up of women from the comics forums. (CGS)
Topics of the day:
-Watchman trailer
-Thanks to Dafixer for giving me the heads up on link.
-Terminator trailer
-Heroes trailer
-Two trailers
-Heroes vs Villains
-Promo trailer for season three
1. Level 5. What is it and how dangerous are the villains?
2. HRG telling Claire that this has been going on since before she was born.
3. Mrs. Perilli telling someone that they need to be ready for what is coming.
4. Mohinder is shooting up something into his right arm. It this the cure from being a hero or is it something different.
5. Going Postal.

“A Nifty Trick”
1st web episode for season three.

Echo De Mille is a mail man who has a very useful power. He has a sonic scream. He is being chased by a dog and when the dog refuses to be quiet he uses his power to quiet the dog. Next, Echo find two men who saw his power and they tell him that they want to help him. They also, tell him that they work for a very powerful company that could use a man like him. Next, one man whose power is to constrict wraps his arms around Echo and force him to come with them. He struggles and says no. Then Echo uses his power to get away. Leaving both men hurt. The hurt man then calls in to his people to tell them that Echo is stronger than they thought. While he is doing this he calmly shoots the other man and kills him.

-Dr. Horrible’s Sing a long blog.
-Produced by Joss Whedon and starring Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion and Felicia Day.
-Parts 1,2, and 3.
-Main website crashed due to everyone wanting to see it. Now on iTunes for the price of $3.99 for all three shows.
-It a musical and it rocks.
-NPH is a amazing singer and Nathan look like a dork. Great fun.

-Comics of the week.
-Trinity # 7
-Final Crisis: Rouges Revenge part 1 of 3.
– Batman and the Outsiders #9.
-Birds of Prey # 120.
-Tiny Titans #6.
-The Mighty Avengers # 16. This is a Secret Invasion crossover book.

-Final Crisis: Rouges Revenge part 1 of 3.
-What are the Rouges up to.
-Why are the willing to risk the anger of Libra and Luthor?
-The art work is not my style but I will read this.
– Is this storyline going to matter at the end of Final Crisis?


Main Topic of the week:

The Return of USA Networks shows: Monk and Psych.

-Monk Show title: Mr. Monk buys a house
– Nice tribute to Stanly Kamel who died this past spring of a heart attack.
-A elderly man is murdered by his nurse. She is trying to get an answer out of him about something but he is to far gone to tell her what she wants to hear.
-Monk buys the old man’s house to get away from noise of a neighbor playing piano.
-New doctor says that Monk is in mourning and that he bought the house to help deal with Dr. Kroger’s death.
-Monk hires a handy man who turns out to be a hack. The man destroys Monk’s house saying it needs all sort of work done.
-Reality is that the handyman is looking for money from a bank job pulled off 40 years ago.
-Monk solves the case of the missing money. Monk and Natalie are held by handyman who is a crook. Discuss rest of show.

-Psych Show title: Ghosts
-Shawn’s mother is back in town. Shawn is angery with his dad about not telling him sooner. Feels betrayed.
-Special guest star is Cybil Shepard as his mom.
-Lassiter is being made to undergo psych evaluations due to discharging his gun too many times.
-Gus is almost fired by is boss for helping solve a big murder case.
-Gus quits Psych in a text message to Shawn.
-Discuss Gus dragging Shawn out of off building. Do not go boneless Shawn, do not. Talk about great shot from above to show action.
-Discuss how they must get VP house free of ghosts or Gus loses job.
-Discuss plot and the great Ebony and Ivory music video.

End of show.

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