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A look at the weekly limited series from DC Comics called ‘Countdown’ and later ‘Countdown To Final Crisis’.

$152.49 should not be ignored

My good friend Scott Cederlund is a little disgusted with fandom (my words, not his) and the reaction to Countdown To Final Crisis. He wonders why so many people who spent the last year complaining about Countdown are now crying foul because Grant Morrison has invalidated it when he wrote Final Crisis #1.

He asks "Do we want to forget that Countdown ever happened or do we want it to be the real backbone of the DC universe?"

For $152.49 (without discount), I don’t want DC (or any publisher for that matter) to give me a big middle finger a few weeks after the end of a major story, like Countdown. It doesn’t matter if we want to forget the story because THEY told us that it happened, in continuity on the regular DC Universe Earth. If they wanted us to ignore the story and all of the events in it, then they could have ended the last issue with a two page spread of the words "JUST KIDDING!" People would have still been pissed, but they would not have been pissed at Grant Morrison and the current miniseries but rather they would have still been pissed at Paul Dini and the Countdown Crew of Palmiotti, Gray, McKeever, Bedard, Beechen (who a lot of people are mad at anyway, so another little bit probably wouldn’t have crushed the camel’s spine).

There were some facets of Countdown that could have been ignored and no one would care. There were some things about Countdown that should not have been ignored (The Death of The New Gods, Mxyzptlk closing the Fifth Dimension, The Great Disaster, The Challengers Of The Beyond telling the Monitors that they are being monitored and The new OMAC are some things that I would like to see revisited). If these things are part of the backbone, they could have been. After the wasted potential of Countdown, why continue to throw out everything except for Mary’s new costume and attitude?

And let’s face it, they have probably already got all of the money that they are going to get out of Countdown, but they have just gotten the juicer fired up for Final Crisis. By telling the suckers who bought every issue loyal readers of Countdown that they wasted their time, they are wasting some of the remaining 52 goodwill that they haven’t flushed away. I, for one, will be waiting for the trade (free plug for my buddies). I know my little $27.93 (without discount) won’t matter much to DC Comics, but then again neither did the time and money I spent on Countdown To Final Crisis.

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